Why Use Shaving Cream? Will It Improve My Shave?

Why use shaving cream? What Are The Benefits?

Using some type of lubricant for shaving is an absolute must. You’ll also find folks who never use shaving cream at all and are satisfied with their results. So, why use shaving cream?

Why use shaving cream? What's the point? Does it really offer any benefits? Find out here!

What does shaving cream actually do?

There are many different types of shaving lubrication. There’s shaving foam/cream from a can, shaving gel, shaving cream from a cup or tube, and shaving soap. All of these serve the purpose of making your shave better. So how do they achieve that?

Lubrication, hydration, and protection.

Lubrication is what will let the blade just glide over your skin without any pulling or tugging.

Hydration is what makes your facial hair easier to cut. Moisture is critical to a great shave.

Protection is simply shaving without getting any nicks or cuts reducing skin irritation.

How do people get away without using shaving cream?

Once in a while, you’ll meet someone who doesn’t use shaving cream at all. So what’s the point of using it if you don’t have to? This is why they might not use shaving cream.

Electric Razor: With an electric razor you won’t be using shaving cream which can be nice but, the shave is not going to be as close as a regular blade.

Oil: Maybe they aren’t using a shaving cream per say but, they’re using some type of oil to provide lubrication.

Lubrication strip: Many multi-bladed razors have a lubrication strip already on them which helps out a little bit.

Warm water: Whether you’re using shaving cream or not, a warm shower before shaving is invaluable.

They have resilient skin: Their skin isn’t easily irritated so they don’t mind going without shaving cream.

Should I skip shaving cream?

It really comes down to personal preference. Nothing is wrong if it works for you. But, before you give it up altogether, I suggest you try an experiment.

Shave for a week without any shaving cream.

Shave for a week using a quality shaving cream. Not one from a can but, one where you actually mix it with a brush to produce a good lather and apply it to your face with the brush. Click here to check out a high-quality shaving cream with great reviews.

There are some fantastic shaving brushes out there but, just to try it out I’d recommend getting an inexpensive brush.

Then shave for a week without cream again and decide what works best for you.

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