Why Doesn’t My Beard Grow – Learn Ways To Jump Start Beard Growth

Why Doesn’t My Beard Grow – What Should I Do?

Lots of men want to grow a beard. They’re awesome. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with awesome beard growth from the start. Why doesn’t my beard grow and how do I fix it? Let’s talk about the major things that will be holding your beard back and some simple solutions we can implement easily.

why doesn't my beard grow? How do I jump start growth?

Why doesn’t my beard grow? The major factors

Over-trimming: There’s a myth going around that if you shave your beard will grow in thicker or even faster. It’s not true at all. And trimming the beard holds back your growth as well.

Skin irritation: If severe enough, dry skin, pimples, and ingrown hair can impact how well your beard comes in.

Time: Sometimes those patchy areas take a little extra time to look more full. Your beard doesn’t grow in at exactly the same rate in every spot. It just takes time to get beard growth. Some beards take a lot longer.

Diet: If your diet is really unhealthy, your beard could be suffering. Skin health and the resources your body uses to grow are very important for hair growth.

Stress: Testosterone is important to beard growth and stress decreases our production of it.

Genetics: Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to grow a beard. Those are just the facts. BUT, don’t just give up so easily. There are some things we can try to start some beard growth.

Age: You might just be too young. For some men, it takes up to 25 years or even 30 to get full beard growth. If you’re still young you might want to try again in a few years.

What’s the best way to jump-start my beard growth?

Start by avoiding a shave or trim for at least 3 months. This gives your beard plenty of time to grow out before you decide on what you want to do. I highly recommend you start off this way even though the beard can start to get a little out of hand close to the end of that 3 months.

Take care of your skin! Make sure you are washing your face, exfoliating, and even using some kind of moisturizer. Beard oil is a fantastic moisturizer used to hydrate your skin. We want to avoid dry skin, pimples, and ingrown hairs.

Take care of pimples under the beard with this guide.

Diet is important. Make sure you get all the vitamins your body needs to be in tip-top shape. If you’re having trouble getting the vitamins you need through your diet, you should try out beard vitamins. These vitamins are pretty cheap compared to other beard growth vitamin alternatives.

Avoid stress, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. All of these contribute to your bodily health and that includes beard growth.

If it seems like your genetics or age are holding you back there’s one thing that’s worth a shot. That is Rogaine/Minoxidil. It’s typically used on your head for hair growth but, works for beards too. It does have side effects but, none of the most common ones are serious. Read more about Rogaine here.


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