Why Can’t I Grow Facial Hair Or A Beard – Is There A Solution?

Why Can’t I Grow Facial Hair

I want a beard but, it’s not growing. Why can’t I grow facial hair? Why can’t I grow a beard? We’ll list the most common reasons why your facial hair might not be growing. Check it out.

Why can't I grow facial hair? Why can't I grow a beard? Figure out what's holding your beard back and how to fix it.


If your diet is in poor shape, you may have a tough time growing a beard. You might want to try vitamins. There are vitamins focused on beard growth too.


Alopecia is basically hair loss. There is another variant that affects beards, and that’s called alopecia barbae. It’s uncommon but, still a possibility. The only way to combat this is to use a hair loss prevention product.

Rogaine/Minoxidil happen to be used mainly for hair on your head. But, they can be quite effective for the beard as well. Many men who have difficulty with growing a beard have found success with Rogaine or Minoxidil.

Find out if Rogaine improves beard growth here!


Have you given your beard plenty of time to grow? I’d recommend at least 3 months before throwing in the towel. Your beard grows at different rates so it’s common that your cheeks may be a bit patchy for a while. Here’s how to fix a patchy beard.

Just give it more time to grow in.

Your age

Age can be a major factor in beard growth. Some men can’t even get their full beard growing until they’re close to 30 years old. If your beard isn’t growing right now, you may want to take a break and try again in a few years.

Staying healthy

Stress, diet, skin care, sleep, exercise. A lot can take a toll on your beard growth. Here are a few things that can keep your beard from growing to its full potential. Staying healthy can have a big impact on why your beard won’t grow.

Stress – It can slow down beard growth. Stress reduces the amount of testosterone produced in the body. But, will that hurt your beard growth? Excessive amounts of stress can cause hair loss. That goes the same for the beard. But, we can all agree stress is bad either way.

Sleep – Deprivation of sleep reduces your body’s effectiveness. It can lead to a decrease in beard growth. There was a study done with 10 men over 48 hours of sleep deprivation. The result was a decrease in beard growth. So, go to bed for a better beard.

Exercise – Working out has lots of benefits. It affects your hormones in a positive way and increases your metabolism.

Skincare – Pimples, in-grown hairs, and extremely dry skin can hurt your beard growth. When you’re trying to grow a beard it’s important to keep your skin clean and moisturized. Use beard oil or beard wash to improve the health of your skin.


Why can’t I grow facial hair? Unfortunately, genetics is what a lot of beard growth comes down to. There’s no way to change that. Be happy with what you have!

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