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What Razor Gives The Closest Shave?

You’re looking for the closest shave possible right? Well, let’s get down to business and figure out what razor gives the closest shave.

Find out what razor gives the closest shave and how you can get a smooth shave.

A few different types of razors

There are a number of different types of razors that you should be aware of and they all have their pros and cons but, only one is going to get you the closest shave. We’ll start with one we all know.

What razor gives the closest shave? Not the cartridge razor

Cartridge razors don’t really do anything to improve the quality of your shave. Sure they have the lubrication strip but, if you’re already using shaving cream, it doesn’t really benefit you. These types of razors typically cause more skin irritation than others because they use many blades. That said, the learning curve on other razors is quite a bit higher.

The main benefit of a cartridge razor is its ease of use. Most of us start off with one of these because there isn’t much learning curve. The chances of a beginner cutting themselves using this type of razor are much lower than any other. That is a massive benefit for some of us that don’t want to spend a lot of time learning to shave with any other type of razor.

Safety Razor

The safety razor wins out in just about all cases compared to a cartridge razor. It can take longer and requires more skill to master. It’s easier to cut yourself. Oh, and you won’t be protected by that lubrication strip if you haven’t been using shaving cream. It’s highly recommended if you make a switch to a safety razor that you invest in some type of lubrication.

Otherwise, it has a better price and closer shave. The cost of the actual safety razor is more expensive but, the blades are insanely cheap. We’re talking a third of the price or less. So the initial price is a little higher but, over the course of a year, you save more money.

This will get you a close shave but, not the closest possible.


Looks like a straight razor? This nifty little tool is often confused for a straight razor. It has a similar look but, it uses replaceable blades. That makes it feel completely different than a straight razor. The blade is much smaller and the weight is completely different.

Just like a safety razor, it’s very inexpensive. And again it will get you a closer shave than a cartridge razor but, not the closest.

What razor gives the closest shave – Straight Razor

The straight razor won’t always get you an extremely close shave but, the benefit is that you get the blade sharpened vs using disposable blades. When someone who knows what they’re doing sharpens the blade, it becomes the best type to use for a close shave.

The learning curve is pretty high on these too. Not only in shaving technique but, taking care of a straight razor can take a lot of money and work. Stropping is absolutely necessary to avoid sharpening the blade constantly. And you can either sharpen it yourself or have a professional sharpen it for you. It can get costly. If you choose to get one, prepare to need it sharpened before even using it.

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Taking care of your straight razor truly becomes a hobby. But, it’s 100% the best choice if you want the closest shave.

It’s not just about the razor

Preparation is the most important. More important than what razor gives the closest shave! It paves the way for your razor. We want to make sure our whiskers are extra soft and easy to cut. That’s why many recommend a warm shower to start with. Conditioner or a pre-shave oil is very helpful too. And finally using a good shaving cream. More on that in a moment.

The technique is also quite important to a close shave. Many will tell you that you need to always only shave with the grain. But, let’s be honest, whoever got a close shaving only shaving with the grain? It may prevent irritation but, it won’t get you a close shave.

In order to get the closest shave, you’ll want to do four passes with the razor. Make sure to reapply shaving cream each time to help reduce irritation. The first pass is With The Grain (WTG). The second pass is Across The Grain (XTG). The third pass is Against The Grain (ATG) and the fourth is just touching up any areas you may have missed.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream is a crucial part of the preparation to get a close shave.

Quality shaving cream or soap will improve your shave. You’re free to use whatever products work best for you but, in most cases, using a better cream or soap will produce a closer shave. Canned shaving cream or foam is probably the most popular shaving cream used but we would much rather go for a type of cream that requires you to produce the lather yourself.

A brush is something you’ll need to produce that lather. The two most common types of natural brushes are made of boar or badger hair. These brushes are typically made of higher quality than synthetic brushes you’ll find producing a better lather.

A good bowl is really helpful. Believe it or not, using a bad bowl can make it much more difficult to produce a good lather. Feel free to use your cereal bowl if you’d like but, I prefer something with some weight to it, that’s easy to hold like this.

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