What Does Beard Oil Do To Your Beard And How To Apply It

What does beard oil do to your beard

So you may have heard a lot about beard oil if you’re starting to grow a beard. There’s a great reason for that. Beard oil has a lot of benefits. It’s actually something that I don’t think we can do without when sporting a beard. What does beard oil do to your beard?

What does beard oil do to your beard? The answer? A lot of good stuff.

What are the benefits?

Beard oil has tons of benefits for our beards and that’s why so many men use it. Let’s talk about the benefits of using beard oil.

What does beard oil do to your beard? Well, it fixes a lot of stuff. First off, it will moisturize your beard and the skin underneath. No one wants a dry, coarse, and brittle beard. It’s actually quite important to the health of your facial hair.

Beard dandruff can be a problem but, beard oil will clear that up for us. It’s a symptom of dry and flaky skin underneath the beard. As we know beard oil will moisturize the skin and clean that up. Another thing that can help is exfoliating with a quality beard brush. We’ll need to use the beard brush to spread the oil throughout anyway.

Beard oil can help to soften up the beard. Which will result in a beard that is easier to brush and style.

There are also scented and unscented beard oils. So it can be a matter of personal grooming to give your beard a nice scent.

What does beard oil do to your beard as far as styling?

While beard oil will help to soften your beard and make it easier to style, it won’t actually help you style it. So no, you’ll most likely want to use something like beard balm in addition to a good beard comb to style it. It contains a lot of the same ingredients but also has ingredients like beeswax to make it more solid. Give that beard a little more hold and leave it better for styling. Learn more about the benefits of beard balm right here.

Awesome Beard Oils

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What will happen if I don’t use beard oil?

If you’re not using anything in place of beard oil like a good beard balm or conditioner, ultimately the health of your beard will suffer. This is because your face naturally produces oil. Oil it needs to stay healthy. When you grow a beard, the beard also requires oils.

For a really short beard, there shouldn’t be too many problems. Your face will be able to keep up with the oil demands for the beard.

But, for longer beards, you won’t be able to produce enough oil to keep it moisturized naturally. Beard oil is an important item to beards for that reason. Essentially your beard will become coarse, dry, itchy and difficult to take care of. Find out how to deal with an itchy beard here.

What is beard oil and how does it help your beard? Find out here.

Will beard oil help my beard grow?

While beard oil will definitely improve the health of your beard, it probably won’t make it grow any faster. That said, a healthy beard will grow at a normal pace. So taking care of your body will contribute to healthy beard growth.

In other words, it’s not going to magically grow a beard for you. But, it will help while growing your beard in other ways.

If you’re looking for something to help with beard growth you can try beard supplements or beard growth serum.

Even minoxidil can help with beard growth.

Why does beard oil work? What’s in it?

What is beard oil for? Beard oil has tons of benefits. Learn about therm here.

Beard oil works by moisturizing your skin and beard. It’s made of oil obviously but, each type of beard oil out there has a different ingredient list. A lot of them include natural oils that have different effects. Some also have different vitamins that will provide nutrients to your beard.

It’s worth your time to try out a number of different oils to find the one that suits your beard best. Especially since some men have more coarse beards and different needs overall. Some oils are scented as well which not everyone likes. No matter what there are plenty of options out there.

Beard oil application?

To apply a beard oil you’ll only want to be using a few drops. The best way to spread it throughout the beard is to use a nifty tool called a beard brush. I love boar bristle brushes for this because they’re strong and great for untangling the beard. There are many¬†different types of beard combs as well that all have their pros and cons. Some are scented too.

So, what does beard oil do to your beard? The answer is good things.


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