What Should I Do To Trim A Curly Beard Properly?

Trim A Curly Beard To Perfection

A curly beard can be a huge mess sometimes. Even all the time. We’re going to help you trim a curly beard with a little guidance.

The best way to trim a curly beard? Well you've found it right here! Check it out.

When you should not cut the beard

There are a couple times you shouldn’t cut the beard.

The first is when it hasn’t grown out enough yet. If you’ve only grown your beard for a month, I’d say you should still wait a while before trimming. Three months is a great little marker to give your beard plenty of time to grow. You’ll want the beard to fill in a little bit so you can see exactly what you have to work with.

The second is when your beard is wet. Damp is fine, but wet is not good.

Make it easier to cut

There are a lot of ways to make your beard easier to cut. But, it’s all focused on making it easier to manage in the first place. And if you’re beard is super curly, it’s all the more important. So there are two things we’re going to be focusing on before we even start to trim a curly beard. The first is conditioning.


Keeping the beard soft and healthy is great for the beard. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. It will help a lot when it comes to styling and keeping your beard under control. Of course, trimming too. Trimming the beard will be so much easier when the hairs sit in one direction. That’s the goal of our conditioning and brushing. So here’s what we want to use:

Beard shampoo Believe it or not, the type of shampoo you use is important for conditioning. We want to use a shampoo that will maintain our beards moisture. That’s where your beard shampoo comes in. It’s less drying than a normal shampoo for your hair. Recommended: Wash the beard once or twice a week. That’s all you really need.

Beard conditioner – Conditioner is something we can use to replenish the oils taken away by our shampoo. Beard shampoo is great but, it will still cause dryness no matter what you do.

Beard oil – Oils are what you’ll use after the shower to maintain hydration throughout the day. It’s the most popular type of leave in conditioner for the beard.


Combing is also a necessary step to keeping the beard more manageable so we can trim it. For our curly beards, we’ll need to use a wide tooth comb. Combs with smaller teeth just pull and snag on the beard. On to the actual trimming.


For super curly and dense beards you might want to think about using a blow dryer. Yes, blow dryers are bad for the beard. But, if we keep it quick and brush it out following the brush with our blow dryer we can minimize the damage. Before you start going to town, make sure your beard is damp before you start. It won’t provide a ton of protection for your facial hair but, it’s better than nothing.

Remember: keep it quick with the blow dryer. The main goal is to reduce just a little bit of the curl. That way we can see what we’re doing a little better.

Trimming tools

For shorter beards, go for a trimmer. Yes, they can damage the ends of your beard. But, keeping your beard so short, you don’t even need to worry about that.

For longer beards, you’ll want to just use a nice pair of scissors.

Trimming the mustache

A mustache has it’s own set of challenges. Here are a few helpful tips for trimming a mustache.

Tips to trim a curly beard

Don’t trim a wet beard. It appears longer. That’s how big mistakes happen.

Your beard should look just about the way you wear it every day when you trim. Like I said, you can use the hair dryer to straighten it a little bit. You don’t need to brush it out so it looks crazy. It’s best to see what your beard will look like while you’re trimming.

Every time you trim, brush the hair back into place. Just like with the tip above, we need to see exactly how it will look every day.

If your beard is pretty new, < 3months, you should avoid trimming for as long as possible. It helps out with seeing where your beard is heading. Usually, before 3 months it’s too early to tell.

Don’t make any major adjustments. Stick to just the hairs that stick out really far. And even with those hairs, be careful. We don’t want to cut out any extra hairs that add to our beards thickness. Small snips here and there to clean it up.

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