Trichotillomania Beard Problems And How To Deal With Them

Trichotillomania Beard Help

Trichotillomania beard problems are incredibly frustrating to deal with. It’s seriously annoying. There’s nothing worse than having a problem you can’t fix because you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Sometimes you catch yourself and think “alright, I need to stop.” A few minutes later you’re back to the old habit once again.

Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes you to feel the urge to pull hair out. It can be related to all kinds of things like anxiety, stress, or just a habit out of boredom. And while trichotillomania isn’t only for those that have a beard, that’s what we’ll be focusing on for this post.

Everyone is different so some solution might work for you and others won’t. Experimentation is key to overcoming bad habits.

Lots of people have had success overcoming trichotillomania so there’s always hope! Here are a few solutions that might help you out!

Learn how to better deal with trichotillomania beard problems right here.

Getting on the right track

There’s no single thing that’s 100% for sure going to cure you of this habit. But, we can definitely put some plans into motion to get you on the right track.

Tools for success:

  • Start a journal or log of your trichotillomania beard habits
  • Create your own achievement system
  • Make it so we can’t pull on the beard
  • Minimize the times our hands are idle and replacing the habit
  • Keep the beard healthy
  • Fix any damage we’ve caused to our beard

Start up a log of your habit

The first step is to monitor your trichotillomania beard habit. A seemingly simple task to start. It seems very easy but, to put into practice may take some getting used to. It’s not exactly easy, when you start, to realize when you’re actually pulling or twisting your beard.

This is sometimes the most difficult step. It can take the longest to get the hang of.

All I ask is that when you come to the realization, “Oh crap, I’m pulling again!” Record it. That helps create awareness. And being completely aware of your habit is monumental to beating it.

Learn when and why you start pulling or twisting your beard. What times are most common for you.

For a lot of people, it tends to be when you’re watching TV, just browsing the internet, trying to sleep, or even driving. Times when there isn’t anything pressing happening. When your mind is wandering, when you’re bored, or when you have time to be anxious about an upcoming event.

It doesn’t matter when you do it but, try to identify times when you’re most likely to pull or your urge to pull is higher. Awareness is the goal.

It helps to write as much information as possible too. What you were doing, how you were feeling, what you were thinking about. All of these will tell you when you’re about to pull.

Eventually, you’ll realize not only when you’re pulling but when you feel the urge to start. You’ll have identified your triggers and how to avoid or cope with them. That’s when we can start with achievements and rewards.

Achievements and rewards

Before we talk about achievements and rewards it’s important to remember that these type of goals are very difficult to achieve at the start. Especially if you don’t realize you’re pulling. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t meet your short-term goals at first.

Motivation is important. Getting that perfect beard is pretty motivating but, it’s a long-term goal. When something is so far off it’s easy to lose your resolve or determination.

Setting some short-term goals or achievements can help a great deal. It’s up to you to make your own time frame and rewards. Your time frame might be much shorter than mine, like a couple hours of being pull free, or longer.

For example,

  • 2 days of no pulling – I might treat myself to a nice dinner
  • 5 days of no pulling – I’ll buy that video game I’m looking forward to
  • 5 months of no pulling – A short vacation

That way you have your own feedback loop of if I didn’t make it those 2 days I can’t go out to dinner on Saturday. Darn, I was really looking forward to that. Now I have to eat that old leftover chicken breast in the fridge. Rewards and consequences.

You might need to make it things that you already look forward to. So if you go to the movies all the time because you love it, it might need to be a reward for good behavior. That way if you fail, there are some real consequences.

Even with all the motivation in the world, it still sometimes doesn’t beat the feeling of relief. The relief some of us get when pulling. So let’s talk about some tools to assist us in breaking the habit.

Make it impossible to pull

What’s my first choice to combat trichotillomania beard problems?

The easiest way to combat pulling or twisting your beard is to make it so you virtually can’t do it.

Don’t laugh but, beard nets are a thing.

It’s not exactly the solution you’d want to use while you’re at work. But, if you find you’re pulling on the beard often at home. Wear a beard net. Beard nets are really cheap.

Just like creating awareness of our pulling, this is another part of a habit reversal treatment. If you make something a habit by doing it over and over again, you can also reverse a habit by not being able to do it.

Keeping your hands busy

Idle hands are a major issue for trichotillomania.

There are all kinds of reasons for hair pulling whether it’s stress, anxiety, or boredom. When there’s nothing, in particular, we’re doing with our hands, that’s when we are more likely to go for it.

Once you’ve learned when you’re more likely to pull you can more easily tell when you’ll have urges. And when you feel the urge to do something you can develop techniques to satisfy that urge. That’s what we call a competing response. You’re doing something else, more positive, instead of pulling to satisfy the urge.

Different techniques work for different people. It could be clenching your fist, flexing your arm, or just taking a deep breath. Some people prefer to get a fidget toy.

What will work for you? It’s hard to say. There’s no single solution that works for everyone. Every option is going to have mixed results. Experiment with a few different options.

Beard combs or brushes are another option to replace the habit. Combing or brushing your beard has lots of benefits.

Why does a beard comb or brush help?

It’s the same motion. A beard comb or brush can help satisfy the urge because it’s like touching your beard but, in a more positive way. Beard combs and brushes have a lot of benefits too. They:

  • Brush out knots and tangles
  • Style the beard and keep it from going everywhere
  • Reduce split ends
  • Spread natural oils or product throughout the beard
  • Exfoliate and clean the beard

There are many differences between beard brushes and beard combs too. But, the long and short of it is that:

For short beards, a beard brush is more effective because your beard isn’t long enough for a comb.

For long beards, a brush still works but, some beards become too thick to effectively brush. You’d need a wide tooth comb.

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Stay healthy

Good nutrition and taking care of your beard can make a big impact. It won’t stop the habit but, we can avoid enabling it.

A healthy beard gives us less of an excuse to pull or twist our facial hair. It’s easier to pull on your beard when you’re feeling around for that patchy spot, split ends, or irritated skin underneath. When there’s something that feels different from normal we’re more likely to mess with it. But, once you pull out that one hair that sticks out, more usually come with it.

Key things we should look out for in our beards are:

  • A dry and rough beard
  • Split ends
  • Red itchy or irritated skin
  • Beard dandruff

Exercise and a healthy diet are important. Beards need vitamins and minerals too! Your whole body is affected by what you eat. Your brain too. Even anxiety and stress can be reduced by the right diet. Exercise is the same way.

Avoid dryness by using the right beard care products. Beard shampoo and beard oil are just a few I’d highly recommend but, there are a lot of beard care products out there to keep your facial hair in top shape.

If you have split ends, get a trim. And remember to use a nice sharp pair of scissors to avoid getting more split ends.

Can I fix a broken beard?

If you have a few patchy spots from pulling on the beard it may fill in. Just give it plenty of time to grow back. It can take quite a while.

Depending on your situation it might be best to shave it off and restart your beard journey.

If you’re really having trouble growing the beard, you can always give Rogaine a shot.



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