What’s The Best Way To Straighten Curly Beard Hair?

Straighten Curly Beard Hair With These Tips

I’m in favor of the idea of embracing what you’re given but, it’s not just genetics that can cause a curly beard. Here are the best ways to straight curly beard hair.

Find out the best way to straighten curly beard hair!

Brush it

For extra-curly beards, it’s ideal to use a wide-toothed comb. Otherwise, you just can’t get anything done. A boar bristle brush is very useful too. I prefer the boar bristle brush before the shower and a comb after.

Make sure your beard is dry when you use the brush. Only slightly damp when you use the comb. It’s great to use balm, oil, or both when you comb.

Straighten curly beard hair – Blow Dry it

Some blow dry, some don’t. It will help straighten the beard for sure. But, be wary of the heat. Your beard can get very dry. I’d recommend you use a low heat setting.

Take care of it

Beard wash/shampoo – It’s better for your beard than regular shampoo. Once or twice a week is all you need for washing with shampoo. Avoiding irritated skin and pimples helps a lot with controlling your beard.

Conditioner – Can be a great help with softening up the beard. Just like shampoo you don’t need to use this super often. As needed to keep your beard soft.

Beard oil – I recommend using this every day to maintain a healthy beard.

Beard balm – If your beard is extra curly and difficult to manage, balm can help with styling. Keep it looking tidy. And like beard oil, it will keep your beard moisturized too.

Diet – Keep a healthy diet to keep a healthy beard.

Things not to do

You’re free to take care of your beard however you see fit. If something works for you, you should do it. But, there are a few things I think you shouldn’t do. If they work for you, great.

Avoid high heat with the beard. Blow drying is great but, use the lowest setting. Heat will dry out our beards. I’d also recommend against using a flat iron to straighten the beard for the same reason.

Avoid hair relaxers. Lots of chemicals. I wouldn’t use it on my face.

Don’t touch the beard. If you constantly play with your beard it can grow into a curl.

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