Straighten Beard Hair? Is There A Way? What’s The Best Way?

What’s The Best Way To Straighten Beard Hair

Sometimes the beard is wavy, sometimes it’s just a mess, and sometimes it just seems to grow outward instead of down. To get that awesome looking tidy beard we’ll need to do a little work. So what is the best way to straighten beard hair?

Learn the best way to straighten beard hair without damaging it!

Straighten your beard easily with these items

The easiest and most common way to get to work on that beard is a simple beard brush and some nice beard oil.

A great beard oil completely changes things when it comes to grooming. Not only does it improve skin health by keeping it moisturized but, it also makes the beard easier to wrangle. Oil really helps with beard dandruff. It’s like conditioner for the beard. This is one of my favorite beard oils. It smells great! But, if you’re not into that they have unscented oils too.

And you gotta use a boar bristle brush to straighten that beard out. Well, you don’t have to. But, I’d highly recommend it. Why is a boar bristle brush better than a regular comb or brush? It just brushes easier without pulling on the beard. As a bonus, it helps clean the beard of dead skin cells and debris and it’s great for applying your beard oil. Just put a few drops on the brush and brush it into the beard.

Beard balm works just like beard oil too. It has the added benefit of giving your beard a little bit of hold. That makes it way easier to style. This beard balm in particular works very well.

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Stop stroking the beard

If you typically stroke your beard with one hand, there’s a chance that the constant pulling will make your beard grow in one direction.

The simple solution is to stop stroking the beard altogether and just brush it with that boar bristle brush I was talking about.

Give it time

If your beard is looking curly and out of place when you’ve just started growing it, I’d just give it some time. Keep brushing it and using beard oil and over time, as it gets longer, gravity will help straighten things out.

Straighten beard hair? Don’t use a straightener without some protection

This seems like a pretty good option at first. But beards require a lot of moisture and a straightener uses too much heat. It pretty much kills the beard. If you have to use a blow dryer, make sure you’re using cool air or at least a very low heat setting and make sure that beard gets plenty of oil. Oil will help protect it from the heat. That said, I’d really avoid this option as much as possible.

Beard oil, a brush, and time are really all it should take.

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