Straight Razor Vs Safety Razor – What’s The Difference

Compare Straight Razor Vs Safety Razor

So what’s the difference in a straight razor vs safety razor? They couldn’t be more different. The main similarity between them is how you prepare your face for a shave. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Find out the differences in a straight razor vs safety razor. Figure out what will work best for you!

Major starting differences – The Blade

A safety razor, also known as a double edge razor, uses replaceable double-edged blades.

A straight razor is a single blade that does not get replaced.

So the first major difference is the type of blades used.

The safety razors blade is much shorter in length compared to a straight razor which is longer.

This is where another type of razor comes in. The shavette. The image above might be a little deceiving because it has a picture of a safety razor and a number of shavettes rather than straight razors.

You see, shavettes also use a replaceable blade like a safety razor. But, of course, they have a handle known as the scales like a straight razor. The shape between a shavette and straight razor might be similar but, they feel very different.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch on a shavette because it’s very common that people get confused and think a shavette is a straight razor.


The differences in maintaining a straight razor vs safety razor are huge. A safety razor is very easy to maintain. You just switch out the blade every two to three shaves. They are very cheap to replace.

A straight razor, however, requires a lot of work. Since you don’t replace the blade, you must maintain it. That means stropping it everytime you shave. And honing or sharpening it once it starts to get dull. Some of us even need to oil the blade if we keep it in a humid environment.

Click here to see a straight razor sharpening tutorial.

When you purchase a straight razor, often times it will not come sharpened. You’ll have to either sharpen it yourself or send it to get sharpened.


They both are quite different when you go to shave. A safety razor has a guard for ya know, safety purposes. It’s much easier to learn to shave with a safety razor than it is with a straight razor. Some might say it’s safer with the safety razor.

The way you hold a straight razor? Completely different than a safety razor.

The similarities between the two blades come with the wet shaving aspect.

Similarities between a straight razor vs safety razor

With both options, you’ll want to let the weight of the blade do the shaving. Do not apply any pressure. I know you might be used to using pressure with a cartridge razor. You’ll cut yourself if you do the same with either of these two options.

With both options, it’s recommended that you use a high-quality shaving soap or shaving cream. Create a good lather using a brush. After all, proper preparation is what gives you a good shave.

The passes you do with both options are similar too. There are four passes commonly used for a great shave. One is with the grain (WTG). Second is across the grain (XTG). The third is against the grain (ATG). And last is touch up anything you missed on the other three passes.

With both options, you’ll want a quality shaving cream for the best experience.

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