What Are The Easiest Ways To Stop Razor Cut Bleeding?

Stop Razor Cut Bleeding Quickly

You just woke up and started the day with a shower and begin to shave your beard. Everything went according to plan. Didn’t notice any scrapes while shaving but, ah, crap I’m bleeding! I don’t have time for this, I have to go to work. What do I do? Use this guide to stop razor cut bleeding fast.

The most effective ways to stop razor cut bleeding.

Styptic pencil

The styptic pencil is a classic way to stop bleeding in specific spots. Not really great for using on your whole face but, if you have one or two places where you nicked yourself, this is the perfect solution. It’s quick and effective. It does sting a lot though. A styptic pencil can also leave residue behind and tends to leave your face feeling dry.

Conveniently there is an alternative to a styptic pencil that doesn’t leave any residue behind and it’s called my nik is sealed.

Alum block

An alum block works better across the whole face. It’s not quite as effective as the styptic pencil but works best for the whole face and only stings a small amount. It’s like an aftershave without any odor. An alum block is a great way to get a smooth shave and feel great after.

You can get an alum block here.

Styptic pencil or alum block when to use each?

If you have a bunch of small cuts on your face I think the alum block is the way to go. The styptic pencil is useful if you have one cut that just won’t stop bleeding.

To make it super simple, a styptic pencil is a much more aggressive version of an alum block.

Another effective method is to use both. You start with the alum block then apply the styptic pencil afterward.

Aftershave: alcohol or witch hazel

Aftershaves also help with restricting blood flow because they contain astringents. Alcohol is an astringent and so is witch hazel. Some aftershaves contain both.

If you’re looking for an aftershave without alcohol, click here for the perfect aftershave.


Stop razor cut bleeding by using the right razor!

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