Severe Dandruff And Hair Loss – Are They Related?

Severe dandruff and hair loss

severe dandruff and hair loss

No, severe dandruff and hair loss are completely unrelated. However, if you let scalp conditions go unremedied, that can cause problems.

What kind of problems? When you constantly scratch your head due to itch from dandruff, you weaken the skin on your scalp.

Poor scalp conditions can cause weakened hair growth. And hair can break off much more easily.

Does my dandruff shampoo affect hair loss?

Although dandruff shampoo can cause scalp dryness, it does not have anything to do with hair loss.

Hair loss, aside from vitamin deficiency, is purely genetic.

Since hair loss and severe dandruff are completely separate problems, you’ll have to use different methods to fix them.

Popular solutions for both hair loss and dandruff

You’ll have to use different products for dandruff and hair loss. There isn’t one product that consistently tackles both issues.

The three most popular ingredients for anti-dandruff and hair loss reversal are going to be:

  • Minoxidil (for hair growth)
  • Ketoconazole (for dandruff)
  • Vitamin supplements (reverse hair loss)

Nizoral Dandruff ShampooNizoral Dandruff Shampoo Nizoral Dandruff ShampooBiotin shampoo for Hair GrowthBiotin shampoo for Hair GrowthBiotin shampoo for Hair GrowthRogaine (Minoxidil) for Hair GrowthRogaine (Minoxidil) for Hair GrowthRogaine (Minoxidil) for Hair GrowthPropidren Vitamins for Hair LossPropidren Vitamins for Hair LossPropidren Vitamins for Hair Loss


To combat dandruff

The top solution for dandruff is Nizoral. Here’s why it works the best:

  • Ketoconazole is an effective and long-lasting active ingredient to fight dandruff
  • Only needs to be used once every 3-4 days
  • You can use other shampoos in between

Nizoral alone will typically take care of dandruff problems. For hair loss, it tends to be a little more complicated. Many people tend to use a few different options together.

Check out my post on different kinds of dandruff shampoos to learn more about active ingredients like ketoconazole.

Rogaine topical treatment for hair loss with active ingredient Minoxidil

Rogaine is the most popular product for hair loss. The only thing you should know about Rogaine is that it must be used forever.

If you stop using it, your hair will go back to what it was before. Meaning hair loss will continue if you stop using it. It only has results if you’re using it twice a day every day.

Complementary medicine topical treatment for hair loss

An alternative or complementary medicine is one that hasn’t been scientifically proven to work. So either we don’t understand why it works or there isn’t a guarantee that it works.

It’s a home remedy of sorts. They are typically more natural products.

This biotin shampoo is said to work by delivering nutrients to your scalp and removing DHT build up. DHT is a male hormone thought to contribute to male pattern hair loss.

Part of why Nizoral is great is that you can use a shampoo like this biotin one to tackle hair loss on the days you don’t need to use the Nizoral.

Hair growth supplement

Propidren is a very popular hair growth supplement that is supposed to work similarly to the Biotin shampoo above but, this one you take as a vitamin.

Saw palmetto in Propidren is supposed to be responsible for suppressing DHT levels.

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