Patchy Beard Help – What Do I Do For A Patchy Beard?

Patchy Beard Help – Here’s What You Should Do

What should you do when you need help filling in the patchiest of beards? Here’s some patchy beard help for those of you having trouble growing out the beard.

Beard not coming in how you'd like it? Learn how to manage facial hair growth with the patchy beard help guide.

Take care of your skin and beard

Keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Those with acne prone skin may have a more difficult time growing a beard. Irritated skin, in general, does not mesh well with the beard. The key is to keep your face clean and moisturized.

Beard oil is great for hydrating your skin and beard. A beard wash is awesome for keeping the beard and face clean.

Diet correctly

It might be tough to get all of the vitamins and minerals to get the beard growing at its best. If you have trouble with your diet, it might be time to try some beard vitamins.

Activate the hair follicles

There are ways to get the hair to grow where it hasn’t grown before. As long as there are follicles for hair to grow, you can get hair there.

Minoxidil and Rogaine are essentially the same drugs. Very commonly used to treat thinning hair, they work great for the beard too.

Take care of your body

Sleep well, exercise, and avoid stress. These all have benefits on their own. But, they can help out with beard growth too. These are things that will help out a lot if your beard is too thin.

Give it more time

Facial hair doesn’t always grow at the same rate all over. Let your beard have a lot of time to grow before you shave it off. At least three months. Then you can trim or decide what to do with the beard you have.

Beard Dye

You can always try some kind of beard dye. It can give the appearance of a thicker beard. Not only does the beard look darker but, it dyes your skin underneath too.

I’d recommend you avoid any jet black colors and stick with a dye that’s only slightly darker than your natural beard color.

Click here to learn more about beard dye?

Embracing the patchy beard

Just enjoy or work with what you have. If your cheeks won’t fill in, maybe try for a van dyke. It’s a mustache with a goatee. There are ways to work around patches and keep awesome facial hair.

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