My Beard Is Too Thin – Ways To Help A Patchy Beard

My Beard Is Too Thin What Do I Do?

Are you thinking my beard is too thin? Should I give up on a beard? Well hold on there, before you give up, there are some things we can do to improve this situation.

Ever think my beard is too thin? Check here to help with all of those patchy beard problems.

Give it three months dude

Beards take time. You see, not all facial hair is made equal. Some hairs take much longer to grow in and some grow much faster. And even after 3 months, it could still take time to get good growth going. You’ve just gotta weather the storm.

Give your beard at least 3 months to grow in before you even think about shaving. At that time you can reassess what needs to be done. And I mean absolutely no trimming. Yes, it might start to look bad towards the tail end. But, you never know what will happen until it does. The only exception I’d make is trimming up the neckline a bit.

Take care of yourself

Most men will be just fine in this department but, if you’re neglecting your health, it could be holding back the beard. Dealing with stress, eating right, working out, getting sleep, and taking care of your skin can be important factors.

As far as taking care of your skin goes, acne, ingrown hair, and dry skin can mess with your beard growth. So make sure you’re getting plenty of moisture, avoid drying out the skin, and keeping it clean.

Exfoliate, avoid long hot showers, and use moisturizer on your face if your skin is particularly dry.

Try out beard growth products

It’s true, not all beard growth products work for everyone. But, there are plenty of options that have given real results to many men. The only two options I’d really recommend are specific beard growth supplements and Rogaine.

Rogaine is used to reduce hair loss on the head but, it works just as well for beards. Read up on Rogaine and its side effects here.

Beard growth supplements/vitamins are great if your diet is lacking in the vitamins your body needs to be healthy. Many of these supplements double up or include even more of the vitamins required for beard growth and the result for many men is increased thickness. These vitamins are great and they’re much cheaper in comparison to other beard focused vitamins on the market.

Both of these options tend to take some time to work. Growing a beard requires patience and so do these products.

Embrace the patchiness

If your beard is patchy, you might want to shave down the rest of the beard to match how your patches are filling in. Just so you don’t have some parts of the beard growing super long and the rest with barely anything at all.

Try again later

If you’re still young and you’re thinking my beard is too thin, you might want to give up for now and try again later. Age can be a big factor in how well your beard fills in with some men not hitting full beard growing potential until after age 30. If it ain’t working, it’s time to pack it up, boys.


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