Mouthwash For Dandruff – Is It Worth Trying? Find out here!

Can I use mouthwash for dandruff?

Is it worth trying mouthwash for dandruff?

From the 1930s to the 50s Listerine was advertised as a mouthwash treatment for dandruff. They said to douse your head in Listerine, full strength and vigorously massage it into the scalp. And to repeat the treatment for a few days. They also recommended olive oil for dryness.

Why don’t they advertise that today? Does it still work?

The FDA forced Listerine to stop saying two things, that it works for dandruff and that it cures coughing and sore throat. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence for fighting dandruff.

Does Listerine work?

Give it to me straight, does it work?

It’s mildly effective.┬áThere are no studies on the effectiveness of mouthwash on dandruff. A better bet is an anti-dandruff shampoo.

However, mouthwashes like Listerine are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. And there are a number of different ingredients in mouthwashes that are anti-fungal too. That sounds perfect for our dandruff situation right?

Side effects of using mouthwash for dandruff

Some side effects of using Listerine as a dandruff treatment are dry scalp and burning sensation. Due to its antiseptic properties/alcohol content, any open skin or wounds may burn. And because dandruff can get very itchy, the scratching may have damaged your skin. The burning won’t hurt you but, it is unpleasant.

Dry skin, dandruff, and mouthwash

One reason to avoid using mouthwash as a dandruff solution is that it can really dry out your hair. That’s why back in the 1930s they recommended using olive oil for moisture to counteract the dryness.

Should I use it?

The key is that mouthwash is mildly effective and might be worth a shot as long as you don’t have sensitive skin. If your skin is irritated I would avoid it. There are a few better alternatives, check out more home remedies.

And it should not be used regularly. Once in a while is not going to hurt you but, continued use over long periods of time can do damage to your scalp and hair.

Lots of people have found success using Listerine for their dandruff problems and especially for itchiness. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes!

If you choose to try it out, make sure you go for the original gold formula of Listerine. It has the right combination of ingredients.

It’s recommended you dilute the mouthwash. Usually, it’s recommended to do a half mouthwash half water mixture.

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