What’s The Best Way To Make Your Beard Grow Thicker

Make Your Beard Grow Thicker With These Simple Solutions

Does your beard look thin? When you have a thin beard you can have those awkward phases where it doesn’t look too great. What we need is to get some thickness going right? We gotta figure out how to make your beard grow thicker. Even for those of us that have trouble getting our beards to grow.

Make your beard grow thicker with these easy and creative ideas to spur that beard growth.

Let it grow

Time is important to make your beard grow thicker. I know, we want to make it thicker quickly because people make all kinds of comments on how it doesn’t look good. But, don’t worry, we’ll get there. We all have that weird phase at the start. Just give it some time. Three months is what I recommend. You can make it through! You’ll hear all different amounts of time you should wait: 4 weeks, 6 weeks, I think 3 months is optimal. It gives your beard plenty of time.

Don’t trim it at all. Just let it grow. Once we hit the three-month mark, then we can make our decision about what to do with the beard. Whether you want to keep it going or shave it off, that’ll be up to you. Genetics will determine how fast you can grow a beard or if you can grow one at all.

I cannot stress it enough that time is so important. Many men get to one month of growth and see patches and give up. But, some of us have much slower growth. Just chill out. You’ll get there. Patience.

Even if it looks a little thin at three months, don’t give up on your bearded dreams just yet. Not all hair grows at the same rate. So, after that time, you might want to keep the rest of your beard trimmed until your hair starts to grow in a bit more in those patchy spots. After all, a shorter beard style benefits patchy beards much more than trying to grow it out.

Keep your beard healthy

Brushing is a key component of a healthy beard routine. It detangles and cleans the beard making it softer and easier to manage. It also redistributes any oils your face has produced. And that’s awesome for a healthy beard. But does that stuff help with thickness?

It helps with growth by maintaining your beard health.

But, something it does do that’s extremely useful. It helps with styling the beard. That’s right! Styling the beard. You’ll get through some of those growing phases a little easier by brushing your beard to make it appear more full. This boar bristle brush doesn’t pull on the beard!

Cleaning is pretty much a no-brainer. A beard shampoo will clean your beard and make it softer. But, it also improves skin health and reduces the chance of beard dandruff as well as any troubles you’ll have with getting the beard to grow.

Hydrate your beard with oil. This doesn’t necessarily help with thickness. But, it’s something you should definitely be doing if you’re growing a beard. Check out this fantastic beard oil.

Keep your body healthy

Food. If you eat right, your beard growth will improve. Simple as that. Do you have to eat healthy to grow a beard? No. But, for those of us with patchy beards at the start, we need all the help we can get.

Supplements may help you out. If you’re finding it hard to eat well, supplements can cover the areas where you’re not getting enough nutrition. There are plenty of supplements focused on beards but I think these are the best. They’re much less expensive than the rest of the beard growth supplements on the market.

Work out for a better beard. Is it going to break your beard growth? Not at all. Still recommend it though.

Sleep is essential. Try to get plenty of rest so your body can grow. Try to get 7 or 8 hours a night. If you sometimes get more or less, no problem.

Manage stress. Stress can slow down beard growth over time. Try to minimize it. Who would have thought things that can reduce stress are exercise, working out, and eating right.

Beard growth products to make your beard grow thicker

If you’ve given the beard plenty of time and it’s still not working. You may want to check out some beard growth products. Specifically, take a look at rogaine.

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