The Best Way To Maintain A Short Beard – Styling Guide

A Simple Guide To Maintain A Short Beard

The shorter the beard, the less you’ll have to use to maintain it. Besides the trimming of course. Short beards require a lot of trimming maintenance! Take a look at how to maintain a short beard.

Simple and easy ways to maintain a short beard.


You’re going to need something to maintain the short length. I recommend a good pair of trimmers. We’ll be doing constant maintenance on the beard to keep it short. So I wouldn’t cheap out on a pair of trimmers. We want it to last. I recommend this trimmer:

In addition to keeping a short length, we’ll want to keep clean lines like on the cheeks for example.  So you’ll need some kind of razor. I prefer a single blade razor for a lot of reasons. But for this purpose, the main reason is you can see where you’re shaving with a single razor. Cartridge razors have a lot of blades. It’s difficult to judge where you’re shaving that way.

Figure out how to trim a proper beard neckline here!


What you’ll need depends on the length as far as washing goes.

For a really short beard, I’d use this. It’s a great product with extra grit to exfoliate your skin.  Just because when you shave, you’re exfoliating your skin with the razor. Once you stop, you’ll want to have something to get all of that grime off of there (dead skin cells, dirt, etc). All of the soaps from Honest Amish use natural ingredients which keeps the beard from drying out.

For short to medium beards, I’d go with a beard shampoo and a boar bristle beard brush. The brush for brushing dry before the shower. And the shampoo obviously for the shower.

Do I need beard oil?

That completely depends on your beard.

Beards that are kept between 5 o’clock shadow and stubble length aren’t going to need much. I’d say anything from stubble and longer, go with the beard oil.

Regardless of length, I think it’s wise to give it a shot. There are smaller amounts of beard oil you can try before you want to commit to a bigger purchase.


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