Lemon Juice For Dandruff? Is It A Good Natural Remedy?

Lemon Juice, helpful or not for dandruff?

lemon juice for dandruff, how does it work?

Just like apple cider vinegar, the idea behind the lemon juice is to lower pH levels and clean away any extra sebum (your skins natural oils) and repair your skins natural barrier in order to fight dandruff. The citric acid in lemon juice is responsible for this. It’s sometimes used as an exfoliant for skin.

What research has been done on lemon juice for dandruff? None. There isn’t enough evidence to prove it’s effective as a natural anti-dandruff treatment. In fact, applying pure lemon juice to your scalp can cause damage.

Diluting lemon juice

Lemon juice happens to have an even lower pH level than apple cider vinegar, one of many home remedies often suggested for dandruff. Between 2 and 3 pH. Quite strong. So it can cause skin irritation if used improperly. Please be sure to do a patch test before applying lemon juice to your scalp.

Make sure you dilute the lemon juice before applying. Home elixirs or tonics made with lemon juice may include 1/3 cup of coconut oil (coconut oil is not recommended for dandruff) and about 5 drops of lemon juice. I would recommend to just dilute it with water.

Side effects of lemon juice

Side effects of applying lemon juice are sun sensitivity. Lemon juice can increase your chances of getting sunburn and make it even worse. It makes your skin more sensitive simply because it’s so acidic.

Lemon alternatives

There are alternatives to lemon that have evidence to support they work for dandruff.

One is lemongrass oil. It’s one of many essential oils.

The research on lemongrass oil for dandruff

This dandruff research was done specifically on lemongrass oil and not just lemon juice. It had promising results!

The study said a hair tonic with 10% lemongrass oil was most effective at treating dandruff out of the solutions tested (5, 10, 15%).

By day 7 it reduced dandruff symptoms by 75% and by day 14, 81%.

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