The Best Way To Treat And Prevent Ingrown Facial Hair For Men

The Best Ways To Treat And Prevent Ingrown Facial Hair For Men

Ingrown facial hair can be really annoying and sometimes embarrassing too. So, for the most part, we’ll be going over ways to prevent ingrown facial hair for men. Reducing skin irritation is a big priority. Treating it is not too difficult so we have the most common way to take care of that at the bottom of the guide. So let’s jump into preventing ingrown facial hair for men.

Use a single blade sharp razor

First off, we want to ditch that razor with multiple blades. A razor that uses multiple blades can actually cut hairs underneath the skin. When those hairs grow back in, the chance of ingrown hairs appearing is increased.

Prevent ingrown facial hair for men. The best ways to deal with irritated skin.

A benefit of a sharp single bladed razor is that it will cut your facial hair so short you won’t be able to notice. Another benefit is that a single bladed razor reduces the number of times a blade is drawn across your face. The more blades, the more irritated your face can get.

Shave over each part of your skin only once. 

There are two different kinds of single-bladed razors I can recommend. One is the safety razor. The other is a straight razor or cut-throat razor.

For the safety razor. It will take some time to learn but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Maintenance is not too difficult. You can just wash it very easily and replace the blade. This is a fantastic razor.

For the straight razor. The straight razor requires a lot more time. It will take time not only to learn to use the blade but, you also have to take excellent care of it. That includes stropping and honing. You don’t replace the blade so when it gets dull you have to hone/sharpen it. Which you can do yourself or you can have it professionally sharpened. It is a fantastic hobby to get into.

If you want to give it a go yourself check out this guide on how to sharpen a straight razor.

We also want to shave with the least amount of strokes possible. This will prevent irritation and reduce ingrown facial hair for men.

Shave with the grain to prevent ingrown facial hair for men

Shaving against the grain can pull on your facial hair and cause skin irritation. To best prevent this it’s recommended that you shave with the grain. To get the closest shave possible while shaving with the grain you’ll probably want to pick up one of the razors I mentioned above. Safety or straight razor. These will give you the closest shaves.

Something else you can do is use pre-shave oil. This is meant to soften your facial hair and condition the skin so it’s ready to go.

The best way to condition your facial hair is to use beard oil. Learn about what beard oil does to your beard here.

What’s the best way to figure out how my beard grows in?

We don’t need to get all technical with any charts or anything to figure it out. When you’ve got a little bit of stubble simply run your fingers across your facial hair and the path with the most resistance is against the grain. So if you run your fingers the opposite way it should be smoother.

Invest in a good shaving cream/soap

A good way to deal with ingrown facial hair for men is to invest in a good shaving cream or shaving soap.

If you’re used to shaving with gel or foam from a can, that could be causing irritation to your skin. Those types of shaving creams are often filled with chemicals and are inferior products in general. You may be able to get away with it most of the time. But, if you’re having trouble with ingrown hair, it might be time to switch to something better.

It’s worth your time to try out a quality shaving cream or shaving soap.

What’s the difference between shaving soap and shaving cream? There are a few differences but, it’s worth trying them both out to see what you like best. It comes down to personal preference. They both will lead to a smoother and closer shave. It will help you with using fewer strokes to shave rather than going over and over and over the skin.

You’ll also need to get a nice shaving brush to apply your shaving soap or cream. Most of them are made from badger hair. There are boar brushes for applying shaving cream but, for that, I think the badger hair is better. A boar bristle brush will be better for brushing a full beard.

A great brush is the best way to create a good lather. The brush will also help exfoliate the skin when you apply your lather. It’s worth incorporating this method of applying shaving cream into your routine.

How to create a good lather/apply my shaving soap/cream?

Start with a good sized bowl. It needs to be big enough that you can actually whip up the cream. But it shouldn’t be too deep that you can’t get your hand in it. Something like a cereal bowl size is great.

Soak your brush in warm water. This will loosen up the bristles and make sure it’s clean and ready to go with a good amount of water in it. Make sure you give it a couple minutes to soak.

Put some warm water and shaving soap/cream in the bowl. You don’t need a ton of either. Just use a little of each. If you need more you can always add it.

Whip it up. Build up your lather by whipping it in circular motions until you have enough to apply to your face.

Warm and cold water

There is some debate over whether to use cold water or warm water when you shave.

Warm water is known for opening pores and making your skin and facial hair softer. Cold water will close up the pores, make the skin tighter, and the hair stiffer which may result in a closer shave. A closer shave may mean less passes with the blade and thus less irritated skin.

I’d only recommend using cold water if you’re using a really good lather with a brush and are comfortable shaving with a single blade razor. Otherwise, I believe you should stick with warm water before the shave and cold water afterward to close the pores back up. Besides, warm water feels better right?

Either way, try both methods out and see what works best for you.

After the shave use a good skin care product

Although not every shave causes cuts, you are rubbing a blade against your face. Your skin needs to heal.

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer for your skin that has healing properties perfect for treating many skin conditions. It’s a common ingredient in many beard balms for just that reason.

One thing that’s important to note: Not all shea butter is made the same way. Shea butter that has been refined loses many of its skin benefits.

How to apply shea butter?

You don’t need to use a lot. Just start with a very small amount. Rub it into your palms and apply it directly to your face.

The best items to prevent ingrown facial hair for men

These are just a few of the items that will be worth your time to look at for ingrown hair problems. For the most part, taking good care of your skin is the best way to prevent those pesky hairs from showing up and these will help you out by reducing irritation.

Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Safety RazorMerkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Safety RazorBest Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood, Premium Shaving OilBest Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood, Premium Shaving OilProraso Vintage Gino Tin Refreshing and Toning FormulaProraso Vintage Gino Tin Refreshing and Toning FormulaPerfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving BrushPerfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving BrushBeard Brush for Men - With Wild Boar BristlesBeard Brush for Men – With Wild Boar Bristles

Exfoliate your skin with a beard brush

Avoid ingrown facial hair for men by exfoliating. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and dirt from your skin by basically rubbing it with something. Why does that help with ingrown hairs? It can dislodge ingrown hairs and remove dirt/dead skin to make sure your hair is growing without any obstacles.

I recommend you using an ingrown hair facial treatment to do so. These usually include a number of acids that break down the outer layers of your skin.

If you have a beard, exfoliation is a key part of beard maintenance, reducing itch, and can really help to prevent those ingrown hairs from showing up. Learn more about beard maintenance and how to reduce itch here!

Maybe it’s time to grow a beard

If you are particularly prone to ingrown hair, you might want to stop shaving. Shaving is the most common cause of ingrown hairs so it makes sense to just cut that part out. Growing a beard is awesome and although it can be a little itchy at the beginning, there are ways to minimize that. Who doesn’t want a glorious beard to show off?

Pull out ingrown hairs with tweezers

Treat ingrown facial hair for men by pulling those hairs out with tweezers. But there are some things you should do first!

We’ve talked mostly about prevention so far but, this is how we deal with ingrown hairs.

You can exfoliate the area and then apply a warm washcloth until the hair comes closer to the surface. After that, you can pull it out with tweezers. Pretty simple. That’s the best way to treat ingrown facial hair for men.


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