Learn How To Tame A Beard That Is Out Of Control

How To Tame A Beard

Is your beard pretty crazy? It just doesn’t want to stay down no matter what you do. Read along to learn how to tame a beard.

Learn how to tame a beard and keep your facial hair looking clean and crisp!

Taming the beard basics

There are a few key components to tame a beard.

  1. Keep the beard soft
  2. Trim it
  3. Work on styling

So the first step, keeping the beard soft helps with the other two. That’s what we’re going to start with.

Softening the beard

The main ways you’re going to be softening the beard is both to keep it moisturized and to keep it conditioned. What’s the best way to do that? With a few different products.

Beard Shampoo – A type of shampoo made specifically for beards. Reduces dryness compared to regular shampoos. The reason is that these shampoos tend to be milder in the chemicals department.

Beard Conditioner – Shampoos are typically made to take the oils out of your hair but, conditioner does the opposite. It’s similar to a regular conditioner but, it’s made for your beard.

Beard Oil – A combination of carrier and essential oils used to hydrate and soften your beard. It’s a type of leave in conditioner. Great for your skin too.

Beard Balm – It shares some common ingredients with beard oil but, many beard balms are focused on styling your beard. They have beeswax that provides some hold.


I know, trimming isn’t exactly something you want to hear when it comes to the beard. But, it’s important to keep your beard in line. There’s only one tool that we really need to clean up the beard. You won’t need any trimmers for clean up of a medium to long sized beard. What’s the tool we want to focus on?

Scissors – A simple pair of scissors will take care of any stray hairs we see making a mess. Be conservative when it comes to removing hair from the beard. It’s much easier to take away than it is to put back.

Trim your beard easily with this guide.

How to tame a beard – Styling

There are three styling tools that are going to help tame your beard. What are they?

  1. Beard Balm
  2. Beard Comb
  3. Hair Dryer

Beard balm is great for styling. Just as I mentioned earlier, it’ll function just like hair gel would. It’s just not going to be nearly as strong. It doesn’t need to be either. It’ll help you get the professional beard style you’re looking for.

A beard comb is fantastic for styling the beard and cleaning it up. Get rid of any tangles with a nice beard comb. If your beard happens to be particularly thick and curly, a wide-toothed comb will do wonders.

Hair dryers are potentially dangerous for the beard. They easily dry out your hair and can go against everything we’re doing here. So that’s why we should be tactical in our use of the hair dryer. We shouldn’t keep it in the same spot for very long. Using some beard oil before using the dryer will help protect our beards at least a little bit.



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