How To Stop A Beard From Itching – The Full Guide

Do you know how to stop a beard from itching?

So you want to know how to stop a beard from itching huh? One thing you should know is that your beard is going to itch. At first, at least. But, once it’s grown out a bit the itching should go away as long as you are taking care of your beard. We’re going to learn all about that.

These are some ideas to help cut down that itch from the beginning. First, let’s find out what causes itchy skin and how to treat it from there.

Stop beard itch in its tracks with these easy solutions.

Common causes of an itchy beard

Dry and irritated skin. Tons of things cause dry skin. Harsh chemicals, the weather, even what you eat will contribute.

Sharp facial hair. All those years of shaving your facial hair have caused the edges of the beard to become sharp. When your beard starts growing in, those sharp edges rubbing against your face and cause itch. It sometimes feels like a forest of knives on your face right?

The wrong tools for trimming a beard. A dull razor or trimmer causes a jagged edge to your facial hair that will tickle and itch your face to no end. Instead of getting a nice clean cut, a dull blade will just rub against the hair until it breaks off. In addition, you can cause additional skin irritation because you have to run the blade across your face multiple times to get a good shave.

Ingrown hairs on your face. Another common cause of irritated skin is ingrown facial hair. Ingrown hair is caused when your hair curls and starts growing back into your skin. When you don’t use the proper tools ingrown hairs are more common. They’re even more common in men who have particularly curly beards. Ingrown hairs itch sometimes and other times they are painful.

Pimples forming under the beard. They start to form under the beard because your pores are clogged. They become clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, and debris that prevent your pores from pumping out oil to your skin. Some pimples just hurt but others do itch as well.

An unclean beard. Beards act like a big net and capture dust, dirt, debris, and even smells. Without cleaning the beard you can get a lot of flaking and itchiness. Clogged pores are common. That’s only the start too. I don’t even want to think about a smelly beard.

Using the wrong products on your beard. Lots of products use harsh chemicals especially if they’re not meant to be used on a beard. Synthetic chemicals can cause dry irritated skin and itchiness.

Overwashing the beard. Too much washing causes itchy skin. Preserving your beards natural oils is paramount to achieving a beard that has no itchiness. Beard wash/shampoo is better than normal shampoo for your face. But, that doesn’t mean we want to wash every day though.

Dry skin will cause itchiness. Your beard soaks up a lot of the natural oils from your face so we’ll need to use something to replenish those oils. This is especially important if you have a long beard.

A rough unkempt beard. Tangled and rough facial hair can cause skin irritation and itchiness especially if you haven’t combed your beard in a long time.

Using a bad comb or brush. Certain combs and brushes are horrible for your beard. They pull and harm your skin. If you choose to comb or brush your beard at the wrong time you can pull out your facial hair as well.

High heat. Heat can dry out your beard and skin. It can become rough and easily irritate your skin.

Bad eating habits. Your beard is only as strong as you are. Without the proper nutrients, your beard won’t develop as nicely as it should.

You may have a sharp beard

The only way to avoid a sharp beard is to trim less often. Trimming the beard does not help with itchiness and actually makes things worse. And when you do trim it, all you’re doing is losing progress on those beard goals.

We want to wait as long as possible to trim our beards. And depending on what type of beard you have you might just want to shape it and trim those random hairs on our cheeks and trim the neckline.

The only way to deal with a sharp beard is to wait it out. With good care and maintenance, your beard should soften with time. While I recommend you avoid trimming for as long as you can, when you do trim, it’s important to use the right tools.

How to stop a beard from itching with the proper tools

When your razor or trimmer isn’t taken care of it will make your beard even itchier.

Whether you are sharpening your blades or switching them out, make sure your blades are clean, oiled, and sharpened to get the cleanest cut.

Using a straight razor is a fantastic way to get a nice clean cut. But, you have to take care of it. It’s a fantastic hobby. This is how to sharpen a straight razor.

You may have ingrown hairs

You can prevent ingrown hairs by brushing your beard daily and shaving your cheeks or neckline with a sharp and clean razor. Preferably a single bladed razor or a straight razor that can get a cleaner cut and closer shave. Especially more so than disposable razors.

Avoid razors that use multiple blades. Why? More blades cause more irritation. Would you rather run 6 sharp knives across your face or just one? A safety razor or straight razor will be able to cut your facial hair at a better angle than other types of razors for a cleaner cut.

Straight razors can be scary to use so if you’re just starting out I’d go for a cheaper one just to test the waters. I recommend this straight razor for starters to prevent ingrown hairs.

Easy remedies to cure itchy beards for men.

How to stop a beard from itching because of pimples

Avoid clogged pores by washing your face with beard shampoo/wash.

Brush your beard daily with a boar bristle brush to exfoliate and clean your skin. A beard brush does a great job of removing dead skin cells and dirt from your face. Exfoliating with a beard brush will help to evenly distribute your natural oils throughout the beard.

Hydrate your skin and beard with some type of conditioner. Beard balm and beard oil are two popular conditioners that do a fantastic job of moisturizing your skin. Some oils contained in these conditioners have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes them great at dealing with pimples.

Don’t use regular shampoo on your beard to avoid itch

Do not use regular shampoo. It removes natural oils from our beards. Our face produces oil to keep our skin smooth, soft, and healthy.

Without these oils, you’ll have dry and itchy skin. A healthy beard is well hydrated. The shampoo you use on your scalp has chemicals in it that are a little more harsh towards your face. The main reason for these chemicals is both preservatives for a longer shelf life and for scents.

If you see fragrance oils listed as ingredients that means they put synthetic oils in the product to mimic scents.

Your scalp is less sensitive than your face because of thicker skin. So it’s more okay to use it for your hair but, for the beard, that’s not the case.

Don’t overwash the beard

A clean beard won’t itch! If I wash it twice a day, surely it won’t itch. Nope. Overwashing is not how to stop a beard from itching. It can cause dry skin.

We want to wash our beards with beard shampoo about 2 times a week. All of the other days we can just rinse it very well. And make sure we’re thoroughly rinsing it out after every wash too.

If you feel like you need to wash it more often that’s okay too. 2 times a week is not a hard fast rule. Just a guideline.

We gotta use beard conditioner to soften our beards

So that’s how to stop a beard from itching. Conditioner! Not only will a conditioner help keep your beard soft but, it will help you tame that beast by helping out the whole styling situation, that’s where balms come into play. Not much looks worse than beard hair shooting out every which way.

Conditioners are also full of nutrients. That’s right, your beard will be able to absorb the nutrients from conditioners. Eating isn’t the only way to get nutrients to our beard. We all want a clean and healthy look to our beards and that’s just the way to get it.

Regular conditioners aren’t going to do the job. Your beard hair is going to be much more coarse and thick than regular hair will be. So a beard conditioner like this beard balm is the only way to go to get the job done.

There are a number of different types of conditioners we can use to prevent itchy skin. The two most popular types are beard balm and beard oil. With the latter being the most popular. But, let’s talk about beard balm first.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a type of conditioner that we want to leave in our beards throughout the day. It will soften and hydrate both our skin and our beards. It’s most commonly made from beeswax, butter, carrier oils, and essential oils.

Why does beard balm cure an itchy beard and skin?

Many of the ingredients in beard balm are beneficial to curing itchy skin.

Carrier oils provide more moisture to the beard. Carrier oils offer many benefits and each oil is different. They all have different absorption rates and vitamins. Some are antibacterial or anti-inflammatory. But, the main benefit they all give is to provide moisture to the face and beard. Some common carrier oils include jojoba, argan, sweet almond, apricot, and castor oil.

Different kinds of butter are beneficial to skin health. Beard balms often include butter to give it a certain consistency but, they also have many skin healing properties. The most common butter used is shea butter. It has similar effects to many oils including moisturizing ability, anti-aging effects, and it helps soften facial hair.

Beeswax helps with styling the beard. Styling the beard isn’t necessarily a benefit to cure itchy skin but, it’s very useful to keep the beard in line each day.

How to stop a beard from itching. Beard itch relief for men with facial hair.

Use beard oil to moisturize your skin

What is beard oil for? Beard oil is made to hydrate the skin beneath your beard but, it helps moisturize your beard as well. Just like beard balms, it uses carrier oils and essential oils as its main ingredients to provide moisture.

The main benefit is to help avoid irritated and itchy skin by keeping it hydrated and healthy. Beard oil also helps to eliminate beard dandruff.

How to stop a beard from itching by brushing your beard

Brushing your beard daily will help you style your beard, keep it softer, and avoid ingrown hairs. A boar bristle brush will also help to keep your beard clean and free of dead skin cells and dirt.

Not only does a brush have those great benefits but a good beard brush will help you spread beard oil throughout your beard to keep your skin and beard healthy.

To take care of your beard you can use either a beard comb or a brush. I would actually recommend having both. A boar bristle brush and a beard comb for styling.

Be careful how you brush and comb

There are bad brushes and combs. Avoid brushes with synthetic bristles that not only fall out when you use them but are a little rougher on your facial hair. Also, avoid those black plastic combs that are so common. These are just molded plastic and can easily pull on your beard because they are not molded perfectly.

Use a wooden beard comb or a saw cut plastic comb for smooth brushing.

Brush or comb at the right time. Make sure that when you brush or comb, your beard is only slightly damp or dry. A wet beard breaks more easily. A little shedding of your beard is natural but, it’s easy to pull out a lot of hair brushing with a wet beard. I recommend brushing before your shower to detangle the beard and exfoliate. Combing after the shower when it’s drier is great for spreading beard oil or balm.

Be aware of your environment

If you want to know how to stop a beard from itching, be aware of your environment. High heat can easily damage the beard by drying it out. Avoid long showers and blow dryers.

The cold can also dry out your skin so during the winter you may want to double up on your beard hydration methods.

You can use both beard oil and beard balm at the same time to lock in extra moisture.

Remove ingrown hairs with tweezers

If you do get ingrown hairs those will cause skin irritation and can lead to itchiness. The best way to take care of them is some warm water and a pair of tweezers.

How to stop a beard from itching with a healthy diet

A healthy body will produce a healthy beard. Make sure you are staying hydrated and getting plenty of nutrients in your diet. Your beard will grow in better and maintain it’s health if your body has all of the nutrients it needs. The end result is less irritated skin and itchiness.

Healthy fats, complex carbs, and complete proteins are what you want to shoot for.

Avoid fast food, desserts, and soda.

I want to know how to stop a beard from itching what products do you recommend?

There are many fantastic products for your beard out there but, here are a few of my favorites to keep your itchiness down.

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Why does my beard itch?

Most beards begin to itch through the early phases of beard growing but, it will not last forever when you are taking proper care of your beard. Keeping a daily routine of beard care will greatly reduce any beard itch you might have. That’s how to stop a beard from itching.

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