How To Shave A Beard Line Both Cheek and Neck Line

How to shave a beard line the easy way

This is a guide on how to shave a beard line. First, we’ll start with how to take care of that neckline.

How to shave a beard line. Simple steps to get that perfect neck line

Finding the neckline of your beard

There are a few ways to determine where your neckline should begin. The easiest way I’ve found is to tilt your head back and place two fingers right on the top of your Adam’s apple. Your neckline should start right at the top finger. So this is a way to say the neckline will begin right above your Adam’s apple. Easy stuff.

From there the neckline should follow a path around your neck up towards each ear.

It’s important to note, we definitely do not want the neckline to be right on your jawline. It doesn’t look good that way.

The best way to trim the neckline

I highly recommend you use trimmers or a single bladed razor like a straight edge or a safety razor.

A quality trimmer will be extremely useful if you want to maintain a short beard. It just makes things move a little quicker for you. This trimmer here works the best for beards.

A straight edge or safety razor will reduce irritation normally caused by a razor with 3 or 5 blades on it. And since the neck is more sensitive this is extra important.

Both straight edge razors and safety razors have a learning curve but the safety razor is much easier to pick up. Especially because there’s very little maintenance on them. You can just replace the blade. Easy peasy. Take a look at this safety razor that reduces skin irritation.

Fading the neckline is a very popular option as well. To learn how to fade facial hair check out this guide.

Having trouble getting each side symmetrical?

Sometimes it can be difficult getting your beard to look the same on both sides. For that, you’ll want to check out this nifty tool.

It helps out with getting those perfect clean lines on your neckline. And it’s inexpensive too.


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