How To Moisturize A Beard And Keep It Feeling Great

How To Moisturize A Beard

Is your beard dry or rough? Learn how to moisturize a beard and get rid of that itchiness and irritation. You’ll need to keep your beard moisturized once it gets longer. Longer beards dry out more easily.

How to moisturize a beard and keep it healthy! The key to softer facial hair.

The keys to providing moisture

Conditioner, oils, and balms are the three ingredients to a hydrated beard. Should you be using all of them at the same time? You don’t have to. It comes down to your personal beard. It doesn’t hurt you and it can be beneficial to use them all. Especially to those who have really dry beards. Many tend to use all three. But, it’s not required. What I highly recommend though, is to use some type of moisturizer.

A huge benefit to moisturizing is your beard becomes soft. It’s much more manageable this way.


There are conditioners formulated specifically to soften beard hair. It works the same as a regular conditioner but, it’s for your beard. It softens and smooths your facial hair. Maintain healthy facial hair with a conditioner.

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Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner. It’s the most popular of the three moisturizers. Oils focus on carrier oils and essential oils. It’s quick and easy to apply and keeps your beard moisturized.


Balms usually include three types of ingredients. Oils, kinds of butter, and beeswax. Not all balms are the same. Some focus more on butter while others focus more on beeswax.

Beeswax is very useful for styling but, for moisture, we care more about the butter and oils. Each has theirĀ own benefits both for your beard and skin.

Preventing dryness

Avoid extreme heat. Shorter hot showers. Stay away from prolonged use with a blow dryer.

Keep away from regular shampoos. To maintain moisture, stick with a shampoo that’s better for your beard. And only apply shampoo once or twice a week. Overwashing promotes dryness too.


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