How To Maintain A Healthy Beard With A Simple Routine

Here’s How To Maintain A Healthy Beard

Routine is the easiest way to learn how to maintain a healthy beard.

Beard care gets more and more important as your beard grows. Long beards take much more effort. A few problems most beards eventually run into are:

  • Coarse, rough, and dry beard
  • Dandruff, pimples, itchiness, or skin irritation
  • Difficulty with styling

All solvable. Here are a few steps to follow daily.

How to maintain a healthy beard

Get into a routine

Want to know how to maintain a healthy beard? Set up a routine.

A quick example might look something like this:

  1. Shower
  2. Beard shampoo (a few times a week)
  3. Conditioner (after beard shampoo)
  4. Pat dry your beard
  5. Apply beard oil or balm
  6. Brush it in with a beard brush
  7. Use a blow dryer with a beard comb to finish drying and styling

Extra steps that help

  • Trim the beard
  • Maintain your tools
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep

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The shower

The best way to soften and loosen up our facial hair to start off the day. Also extremely helpful if you plan on trimming your beard.

If your beard is constantly dry, try turning down the heat in the shower.

Clean it with beard shampoo

Obviously, while we’re in the shower, we should clean the beard. But, don’t use any old shampoo.

Beard shampoo is better for your beard than regular shampoo for your hair.

It’s milder. Less drying for your face.

And it should be because facial hair is different. It’s coarser. The skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp.

We only want to clean our beards 1 to 2 times a week. That’s it. Unless you really need to wash it I’d keep the shampooing to a minimum.

A shampoos job is to remove oils. But, it takes away the bad ones and the good ones too (the moisturizing healthy oils). Even the most gentle shampoo can still dry out a beard. So, don’t wash with shampoo every day.

On days you don’t use beard wash/ shampoo, just rinse with water. That works well enough to get you through.

Use beard conditioner after beard shampoo.

Shampoo removes dirt and oils. Conditioner replaces the oils lost.

Dry the beard correctly

Pat your beard dry. Don’t rub it with a towel.

Let’s avoid irritating our skin. Just a simple pat dry works well enough.

It doesn’t need to be completely dry either. Damp is okay.

Sometimes you might want to use a blow dryer. If there’s too much curl or waviness in your facial hair. That’s okay too.

If you choose to use a blow dryer, protect your beard. Put on some beard oil or balm first. Oils and balms add a layer of protection between the heat and your facial hair. And don’t spend too much time in one spot with the blow dryer. Dryness is the enemy of a beard.

If you’re already using a blow dryer and your beard is extremely dry, try avoiding it.

Different kinds of conditioners?

Moisture is important. There are three different kinds of moisturizers:

  • Oil
  • Balm
  • Conditioner

So what is beard oil? Beard oil is great for keeping our skin moisturized and our facial hair soft.

It’s a light moisturizer you leave in your beard all day. Great for shorter beards.

And what is beard balm? Beard balm is similar to beard oil but with a few extra ingredients.

Beeswax and butter. The beeswax gives your facial hair some hold for styling. The butter offers deeper conditioning than the oils alone would. Shea butter is one type that has many benefits for your skin.

So beard balm is a moisturizer that offers deep conditioning. More-so than beard oil would. Great for longer beards. They need more help.

Not all balms are created equal. Some specialize. Like extra ingredients that help with styling. Or more nourishing ingredients to deep condition your beard.

And finally, beard conditioner is meant to be applied and rinsed off in the shower.

This is the stuff I already recommended you use after using a beard shampoo. And depending on how long your beard is, use either an oil or a balm after your shower. That’s to maintain hydration throughout the day.

How to apply beard oil and beard balm

After we’ve dried off our beard, beard oil and balm are different but, they can be applied the same way.

You don’t need to use a ton of product. A couple drops are fine. Adjust if you have a long beard. It’s easier to add more than it is to get rid of too much.

We just want to put some into our palms, rub them together, and get it into the beard.

Start with the skin under the beard at the roots and run your fingers throughout to the ends. That makes sure everything gets covered. Don’t forget the mustache and sideburns. They need love too.

Use your beard brush or beard comb to evenly spread the oil or balm throughout the beard. 

Your fingers work great, but a comb or brush is really going to get in there with finer teeth or bristles.

Brushing or combing for a healthy beard

Brushing/combing your beard should become an important part of your routine. They

  • Detangle and make your beard smooth and soft
  • Exfoliate your beard to keep it clean
  • Spread your faces oils and products throughout
  • Style your beard

Exfoliating is paramount to the health of your skin. A boar bristle brush is the best tool for that.

It’s the process of removing dead skin cells and excess oil from the surface of your skin. These dead skin cells can lead to beard dandruff. Not a great look.

Brushes and combs are helpful with spreading oil and/or balm throughout the beard too.

how to maintain a healthy beard

Should I go with a beard brush?

There are two different types of tools you can use.

  1. A beard comb
  2. A boar bristle beard brush

If you choose a brush, you’ll want a boar bristle brush. They’re

  • Firm to get through the beard but soft on the face
  • Porous to soak up product and natural oils
  • Tightly packed bristles clean the beard thoroughly

The first cut boar bristle brush is more firm and typically of higher quality than any other cuts.

All boar brushes have a few problems though. The tightly packed bristles can be difficult to use on a longer/thicker beard. And they should only be used on a dry or slightly damp beard.

Pulling and breakage is a real problem when you combine a wet beard and a brush. Ouch.

Brushes are more aggressive than combs. You should only use a brush once-ish a day. Maybe twice.

Or should I go with a beard comb?

There are many different types of beard combs available.

  1. Metal
  2. Wood
  3. Cellulose acetate (a natural type of plastic)
  4. Natural horn

Each comb has its own ups and downs. But for the most part, just use what you like.

Beard combs are usually:

  • Anti-static
  • Pocket-sized
  • Hand cut to glide through your beard
  • Best for styling
  • Durable
  • Easier to clean

Combs work best on longer beards. You can’t exactly comb through stubble.

For the thickest of beards, go for a wide-toothed comb. It needs to glide through our beard. No pulling or snagging.

I still don’t know if I should choose a brush or comb

Should I go with a comb or a brush?

Combs are better for the styling aspect. Making your beard look neat and fresh. They clean and spread product too, just not as well as the boar bristle brush.

Brushes are better for maintenance. Keeping your beard clean and healthy. They can help you style your beard, but not as well as a comb.

So you can choose either or use both. Each has pros and cons.

Types of combs and brushes to avoid

Cheap combs molded out of plastic should be avoided. They snag on beards because they have small errors from the mold.

And a beard with half of the hairs pulled out isn’t too healthy.

Most combs made for beards are hand cut and polished regardless of the material they’re made from.

How do I brush my beard and how often?

You can over-comb your beard. Brushing and combing are great, but be careful not to overdo it.

Put oil or balm in your beard first. That will make it easier to brush or comb through.

Don’t brush a wet beard. 

Make sure you clean your brush once in a while. If you don’t, you’ll be re-introducing dirt, old oils, and product back into your beard.

Cleaning a beard brush and comb

For a comb, it’s pretty simple. Just rinse with warm soapy water. You can use shampoo for it. And take a scrubbing brush and gently scrub it to clean it well. Rinse it off again and tap the excess water off then wipe with a clean towel and let it air dry.

Cleaning a boar bristle brush takes more effort.

Stay healthy

Eating healthy will give us the nutrients we need to grow a great beard and improve the thickness and strength of our beard. A balanced diet is key.

Sleep is something our body needs to repair and grow. And growth is what we want to make sure our beard is staying healthy. So get plenty of sleep! Try for eight hours even though it’s difficult to get that much sometimes.

Getting exercise has plenty of benefits but, it’s also beneficial for the beard. Working out is a major part of keeping our body healthy and as we know a healthy body helps to create a healthy beard.

how to maintain a healthy beard

How do I eat healthily?

The simple answer is to avoid bad foods and eat good foods.

Trim correctly

Trimming is something you’ll need to do to keep that beard in check. Get rid of split ends and keep it tidy.

It’s important to trim the beard carefully.

And keep your trimmer clean.



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