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Ideas On How To Grow A Thicker Mustache

So you have a mustache but it’s not coming in as thick as you’d like it. Genetics play a major role in facial hair growth. But there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting an awesome beard. This is how to grow a thicker mustache:

How to grow a thicker mustache for epic facial hair!

Don’t trim

This is my number one tip. Many men complain that they have a thin mustache. But, you come to find out they trim it constantly. Don’t touch the mustache. Doesn’t matter if it starts to get a little out of hand. There are ways to take care of that. Just let it grow.

And make sure you’re giving it plenty of time. Don’t give up after one month of growth. Facial hair grows in at all different rates.

Trim your mustache only once you’re happy with where it’s at.

Brush the stache

This is what we’ll need to do to help with the appearance of thickness. Instead of trimming your mustache, you’ll want to brush it to the sides. We’ll put that extra hair to good use. This will keep your mustache out of your mouth and keep it looking thicker.

There are beard combs that can work great for facial hair. Specifically ones with both wide and fine teeth like this. But, there are also dedicated mustache combs. They’re pretty awesome.

Mustache wax

Mustache wax will help you grow your beard. The little extra hold will keep the mustache out of your mouth. Allowing you to avoid the trimming session.

With the mustache wax, I recommend using a blow dryer. I know, I know. Blow dryers tend to be bad for facial hair. While I agree they tend to be bad, they can keep the hairs in line. That’s no exception for the mustache. The mustache wax offers extra protection. It’ll protect our facial hair from the heat. Just don’t keep the dryer in one spot for too long.

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Eat right

A healthy diet is necessary for your body to function. Growth in the mustache area is also affected by your diet. So to make sure you’re growing the beard optimally, eat right.

If your diet isn’t up to par, no big deal. Vitamins might be right up your alley.


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