How To Grow A Thick Beard – Completely Fill In Your Facial Hair

How To Grow A Thick Beard

Beard coming in too thin? It might be time to try some different methods to get that thick beard you’ve always wanted. This is my quick guide on how to grow a thick beard.

Get the thickest facial hair with this info on how to grow a thick beard.


Just starting your beard growth journey? Time is what the beard needs. This is the most common issue for men trying to grow beards. They give up way too early. That’s not to say that there aren’t men who can’t grow beards period. There definitely are. And that’s unfortunately due to genetics. But, the key here is to give your beard plenty of time to grow before you have to try tons of other options.

Three months is my recommendation. Your facial hair will grow in at different speeds. That’s what causes some men to think they have patchy beards. When in reality, that part of their beard just grows a little slower. It takes time to fill in the beard.

But, while you’re waiting on that beard to come in, let’s check out the other options.


If you want to know how to grow a thick beard, pay attention to what you’re eating. What you eat can have an effect on the growth of your beard. Biotin is a common vitamin that is noted for its beard growing potential. Most of you will be getting enough through your diet. But, for some of us, we’ll need some help. It’s not just biotin either. Your body needs many vitamins and minerals to function properly.

If you’re having trouble eating a balanced nutritious diet, you might want to consider taking vitamins. There are plenty of vitamins focused on beard growth out there. I recommend this one:


Combing or brushing your beard can give the appearance of thickness. A boar bristle brush or beard comb can help with layering your facial hair. Beard balm helps a lot with this.

This is especially true when it comes to the mustache. Instead of trimming those rogue hairs, brush them into place. It will give the appearance of a thicker mustache.

If you choose to go for a beard brush, don’t forget to clean it too.

Body health

In addition to diet, taking care of your body is equally important. Exercise and sleep can play a role in your beard growth.


Minoxidil is a drug you can use to grow more facial hair. It doesn’t work for everyone but, it does improve facial hair growth over time. Minoxidil or Rogaine will require constant use though. At least until your facial hair matures into terminal hairs. Otherwise, when you stop, your underdeveloped facial hair will shed.

Does minoxidil actually work?

Skin health

Keeping your skin healthy is important as well. Pimples, dry skin, or ingrown hairs can hold back your beard growth too. Make sure you are properly moisturizing and keeping your skin clean.

For the beard, I’d recommend a beard shampoo and beard oil. These two items will help reduce dryness.

Beard dye

Dying your beard a shade darker can help with the appearance of thickness. Darker beards can benefit from this too but, this can be huge for light colored beards.

Learn more about dying beards here!

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