How To Get A Smooth Shave – The Closest Shave You Can Get

How To Get A Smooth Shave For Super Soft Skin

Let’s talk about the best ideas on how to get a smooth shave. We’ll make sure our skin is healthy and irritation free while getting a super smooth and clean shave. To start we’re going to need the proper tools before we even start to prepare for our shave.

How to get a smooth shave for extra soft skin without irritation

How to get a smooth shave with as few blades as possible

We’re going to toss out all of those razors that have 3 or even 5 blades. Yeah sure, most of the time you’ll be fine with them if your skin isn’t particularly sensitive. But, for a smooth and close shave, we’ll want to go over our skin as few times as possible. We’ll be using a technique that goes over our face two to three times. If your razor has 5 blades that’s up to 15 blades running across your face. Bad idea.

There are three fantastic types of one bladed razors I’m going to recommend. They’re the best kinds of razors for this smooth shave we want. The blades are high in quality and made sharp. Quite different from cheap disposable razors you’ll find.

The first is the safety razor

A safety razor is what I recommend to start with. It’s the easiest to start with. Something like a straight razor is going to require much more practice to master. A safety razor is extremely inexpensive too. The replacement razor blades are really cheap to buy. Like 10 times cheaper than some cartridge razor replacements. They’re so expensive! This is an excellent safety razor to start with.

The second is a shavette

This type of razor looks kind of like a straight razor but, it’s very different. It uses replaceable razor blades just like a safety razor does so it’s quite cheap to purchase new blades. Because it uses replaceable blades, you don’t need to do any maintenance on it.

Because they are so much cheaper, a shavette isn’t going to have quite the quality that a straight razor does. It’s also going to be a little more difficult to shave with because of how short the blade is compared to a straight razor.

See for yourself how inexpensive these shavettes are!

The third is a straight edge razor

These are the blades that you think of when you think of an old-time barbershop. These are high-quality blades that will last you a lifetime. Of course, the learning curve on these is a little higher than with a safety razor.

They also can take a lot of maintenance. You’ll be required to strop the blade every time you shave. And depending on your skill level, you’ll have to sharpen the blade every so often or send it to get it sharpened by a professional. Find out what sharpening a straight razor entails right here.

A straight razor tends to be an expensive hobby to maintain but, for those who are obsessed with getting the closest shave possible, this is the way to go.

If you want to check out an awesome razor, take a look here.

Use a quality made shaving cream or soap

Want to know how to get a smooth shave? Don’t use anything that comes out of a can. The chemicals used in canned shaving creams actually make it more difficult for your skin to hydrate itself. And dry skin causes all kinds of problems. Best just to avoid those canned products.

So what should I use? Shaving cream or shaving soap that will offer a true lather. Preparation for the shave can, in fact, be more important than the razor. When your skin is well moisturized it will lead to a fantastic shave. So we want a good shaving cream that will give us that. It’s called wet shaving for a reason. No dryness, please.

The best shaving cream I have found is a little more pricey but, it works oh so well. And the reviews for this shaving cream don’t lie.

Do I need a brush?

Yes, in order to generate the perfect lather and apply it to your face. You’ll need a brush.

Your brush is going to exfoliate and clean your skin, raise your hair off your skin so it’s easier to shave, produce a good lather, and effectively spread the shaving cream onto your face.

There are two types of brushes most often used for lather. One is the badger brush and the other is the boar bristle brush. The boar bristle brush here is really inexpensive and does a fantastic job. Great for starting out.

Shaving preparation

Preparation is really important for a close shave. Probably the most important thing.

First, we need to apply warm water to your face to loosen up the hair. You can either use a warm wet towel/washcloth or take a shower beforehand. The shower is much easier and you can also use conditioner on your face in the shower to help as well.

A pre-shave soap can also be quite useful. And you can either rinse it off or apply your shaving cream directly over top. This soap really softens your skin for an awesome shave.

Mix your shaving cream and apply it to your face with your brush. It’s important to learn how to generate a nice lather. That will come with time and experience.

Now we’re ready to shave.

How to get a smooth shave with proper shaving technique

First, you’ll want to shave with the grain and then across the grain. Once you’re more experienced with shaving, you can also go against the grain on a final pass.

Then you can touch up any areas that need it. Each time you’ll want to re-lather your face before you begin another pass with the razor.

Once you’re finished you’ll want to rinse with warm water then with cold water. After you can apply an alum block to your face. The alum block helps with any razor burn you might have and it helps to close up pores. An alum block is very cheap and lasts a long time too.


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