How To Condition A Beard – Keep It Smooth And Soft

How To Condition A Beard – Healthy Facial Hair

Have a rough and dry beard? It’s time to get it soft and smooth with some conditioners. But, you need to know how to condition a beard? No problem. Take a look below!

Learn how to condition a beard to get the smoothest and softest facial hair.

It’s not all in the conditioner

The first step to conditioning the beard is to avoid bad products. It’s not all just about the conditioner. Don’t get me wrong, using conditioner is the best way to tame a beard. But, it takes more than just a good conditioner to keep your beard in tip-top shape.

Avoid using regular hair shampoo on the beard. It dries out the beard. Instead, use beard shampoo. Most beard washes will use milder ingredients compared to hair shampoo.

Keep the washing down to one or two times per week. Even though it uses milder ingredients, washing too often with a beard shampoo will dry out the beard. Moisture is essential to a beards health!

How to condition a beard in the shower

This type of conditioner is what we’re all used to. Just put some on your beard for a few minutes then wash it out. It’s recommended that you use a beard conditioner instead of hair conditioner for your beard. Just because they’re made differently because facial hair and hair on your scalp are different. That and the skin in those areas have different sensitivities. Your face is more sensitive. Beards need a lot more help to become soft and smooth than the hair on your head.

I like to test the difference myself though. So if you have some regular conditioner for your hair lying around, give it a shot on the beard. Then try out a beard conditioner. I like this one from Zeus.

My thoughts are that you’ll notice a difference if you don’t use other products. Meaning if you’re skipping out on beard oil, balm, or both, the difference in beard vs hair conditioner becomes much more noticeable. But, use what works best for you. Each beard is different after all.

Beard oil

Oils are a classic product that everyone with a beard should be using. It’s easy and quick to apply and helps maintain moisture. I’d say it’s the most popular beard product.

Beard balm

Beard balm can be used in conjunction with beard oil for extra dry beards. There are some different types of balms out there. Some are more focused on moisture side of things using butters and oils. Others on beeswax for styling and control. A lot of balms use both.

Butter is great for restoring and moisturizing facial hair. Shea butter is a commonly used one.

Beeswax helps with styling because it’s thicker and holds the hair in place.

Brushing the beard

That’s right, a comb or brush can do a lot of work to help your beard become silky smooth. Getting rid of tangles and keeping the beard clean. Combs and brushes can get through hair more easily than your fingers which is great for applying balms and oils.

Learn how to brush your beard here!

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