How To Clean A Straight Razor – The Right Way To Sanitize And Maintain

How To Clean A Straight Razor

Cut yourself with a razor? Worried about a dirty blade? We want to be careful with cleaning because rust can be a major issue for a metal blade. We’ll avoid excess water with this guide. Take a look at how to clean a straight razor.

Learn how to clean a straight razor. The proper way to sanitize your shaving tools.

Don’t get the scales wet

Getting the scales wet can destroy your razor. Why?

The scales or handle of your razor can be made out of a number of different materials. A lot of them tend to absorb moisture and when you put your blade away that moisture can transfer to it. Leaving you with a rusty blade.

When you go to rinse, make sure you’re just rinsing off the actual blade. Not the shank or tang, any of that. Just the part that cuts.

Cleaning the blade

Cleaning is just another part of using the straight razor properly.

We must be careful with the blade too. All blades can rust. So let’s avoid any extra moisture. The metal your blade is made of will determine how susceptible it is to rust. Materials like carbon steel are better at cutting due to having less alloy but, rust more easily. Stainless steel blades have more alloy but, fewer issues with rust.

Either way, we want to make sure our blade stays clean and dry once we’re finished with it. There are a lot of products out there for cleaning blades. I think the two best options are soap and water as well as alcohol.

Rinse with soapy water

A mild soap usually works just fine. You don’t need to scrub it. Just rinse and dry off with a towel or tissue. Make sure you dry the blade well.

This is a great option because it doesn’t hurt your blade at all. It does a good enough job of killing germs for the most part. For your own personal use, this is the best option. If you bought a blade used, you’ll want to consider another option that does a little bit better at deep cleaning the blade.

How to clean a straight razor with alcohol

Looking to kill all the germs? Some rubbing alcohol will help you out there. There’s no need to soak the blade for any period of time. You should actually avoid that. Just wipe it down with the alcohol using a tissue or cloth.

Rubbing alcohol is awesome for your blade because it’s very effective at killing germs. It evaporates very quickly too. Just like with the water, make sure it’s dry when you’re done.

Use oil

If you decide not to use your straight razor for a while, the best option is to oil it. The oil will protect the blade, especially in humid environments. If you use your blade every day, you shouldn’t worry about this.

Just about any oil will do. Remoil is a popular gun oil that works well on metal and straight razors.

Strop your blade

This is something every straight razor owner should be doing every time they shave. It helps maintain a sharp edge on your razor for longer. It lengthens the amount of time you have before the blade needs to be sharpened again.

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