Learn How To Brush Your Beard Easily – No Tangled Up Knots

How To Brush Your Beard Easy And Simple

Brushing has lots of great benefits for your beard.

Let’s take advantage of those benefits. Let’s learn how to brush your beard.

how to brush your beard

Before you brush!

Before we even get to the brushing part let’s make it easier on ourselves. Brushing should be an easy, calm, relaxing experience. To avoid a bad time we should:

  1. Shower
  2. Pat dry your beard
  3. Apply beard oil or balm

A shower makes it easier to brush your beard. The water will make your beard softer and easier to work with. If you use beard shampoo (only use it a few times a week), use conditioner as well. A healthy beard is easier to brush!

Don’t rub your beard violently with a towel. Pat dry it instead. Why?

  • Rubbing is harsh on your beard and causes tangles/knots
  • We don’t want our beards completely dry

There’s no need to be too aggressive when drying the beard. Brushing and combing a wet beard is bad news but, having some moisture helps us out.

Beard balms and oils make brushing way easier.

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Use the right tools for an easier time brushing your beard.


The tools

We need to use the right tools to get rid of tangles and knots.

For thicker, curlier, tangled beards get a wide-toothed comb.

Wider teeth will let you actually get the comb through your beard without problems. Then you can go through with a brush or a comb with finer teeth if needed.

Extra curly beards use a blow dryer. It helps straighten out the hairs. Makes it much easier to brush through. Just make sure to use some oil or balm before you put the heat on. You’ll want to protect your beard.

Shorter beards can start with a brush. The best kind of brush is the boar bristle brush. Because:

  • Natural bristles absorb and give out moisture the best
  • Boar bristles are firm which works best for beards

Usually, for a mustache, you’ll want to use a comb with finer teeth.

Types of combs

Cellulose acetate, wood, metal, natural horn, and plastic are the common types of combs.

The only one you really do not want to use is the plastic comb. Those pull pretty bad because they aren’t made by hand. These are molded plastic combs.

Beard combs need to be cut, sanded and polished by hand.

Each type of comb material has its ups and downs. For example, metal combs don’t absorb oils as well but, they are much more durable.

The technique

When you brush or comb, it should be snag free. No pulling.

Do not pull if your comb gets stuck. That’s an easy way to rip out your facial hair.

Instead of continuing to brush, remove the comb or brush from your beard without pulling. Then you can try brushing/combing again.

To add volume, brush against the grain. Typically we want to always go with the grain. But, if you want a little more volume and fluffiness to your beard, you can brush it upwards. Be careful not to overdo it. It can be a lot more intense on your beard.

Should my beard be dry or wet for brushing/combing?

In both cases, it should be dry. It’s best if it’s not completely dry. Just pat dry with a towel after the shower.

Brushing/combing a wet beard causes breakage. Wet hair is weak and stretches easily. It’s more likely to break and cause all kinds of problems.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have product in your beard. In fact, I recommend using beard oil or balm before you brush. That makes it a little easier. Oils and balms make your beard softer and easier to brush or comb.

When to brush

The best time to brush your beard is after a shower. Dry your beard, apply some oil or balm, and then start brushing or combing.

You only want to brush or comb a few times a day maximum. Over-brushing is a problem. Brushing will pull out shedding beard hair but, over-brushing is worse.

Make sure you clean your brush!

Make sure you clean your brush or comb once in a while. Brushes are more difficult to clean than combs.


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