Should I Use Hair Gel On A Beard? Is It A Good Idea? Alternatives?

Can I Use Hair Gel On A Beard? Alternatives?

Some of us have crazy beards. Some help with taming it would be appreciated right? Hair gel works for my hair. So can I use hair gel on a beard? Will it cause any damage?

Those with sensitive skin should avoid it. Otherwise, give it a shot.

Will it give good results? Probably not. We’re all different. If it works for you, great. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

If the answer to “Can I use hair gel on a beard?” is no, then what should I use? What are the alternatives? Read on to see!

Should you be using hair gel on a beard? What should I use to style it?

Why is hair gel on a beard bad?

Is it that bad for you? Not necessarily. Lots of men use pomades or even hair gel on their beards for styling. But, you should be aware of the ingredients.

You’re putting chemicals on your face. But, most likely, you’ll also be ingesting some of them too. We all know how it goes, drinking and eating with a beard.

What are the alternatives?

Looking for beard control? There’s a lot we can do. Will you need all of these options? Not at all. Some of you may. Some may not. Longer beards will need a little more help than short ones too. It all depends on your specific beard. Genetics play a massive role in everything beard related. Don’t forget about your environment either. Them cold winters can tear up a beard something fierce. Do what works best for you. You can’t know what works best unless you try it out though. So give these options a shot.

Beard balm – I recommend following all of the options below. But, if you want one thing that will help with styling the beard, this is it. Here is a list of beard balm benefits.

There are different types of beard balms. Some are more focused on providing moisture. Others for styling. Beard waxes focus more heavily on beeswax than other ingredients. Giving you some extra hold. Otherwise, waxes and balms are very similar. Check out this beard wax using natural ingredients.

Other options for beard control

Using product isn’t the only way to make your beard easier to manage.

Grow it out – Longer beards tend to be more easy to control. That’s because gravity helps us out. It pulls the beard straight.

Beard oil – It’s easier to control the beard when it’s soft. Beard oil is a fantastic moisturizer that softens the beard. Keeps it healthy too. There are lots of ways to help your beard grow.

Beard shampoo – This is better suited towards beards than a regular shampoo. Why? Because it uses less harsh chemicals. It lessens the dryness shampoo causes. Only wash the beard once or twice a week. It’s healthier for the beard to wash less. Same goes for your hair too. Rinse thoroughly with water otherwise.

Conditioner – Conditioner is great for the beard. While oils and balms work great, I recommend using this once or twice a week. Right after using your beard shampoo. It will make your beard soft and easier to control.

Combing/Brushing –  Brushing has a lot of benefits for the beard. It’s great to have a boar bristle brush in your arsenal. But for control and styling? A beard comb works best. Take a look at the reviews on this awesome comb.



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