The Top Gifts For Bearded Men – A Complete Guide

A Full Guide On Gifts For Bearded Men

What are the greatest gifts for bearded men? There are so many things out there to choose from but, what makes the best gift?

Beard maintenance and care are both really important. The longer a beard is, the more important beard care becomes. And there are some wonderful gifts out there to make taking care of the beard a pleasure. Check out these gifts for bearded men every guy could use.

The top gifts for bearded men. Looking for a gift to take care of facial hair? Look no further!

Gifts for bearded men – Beard oil

Soft beards are the best beards.

Beard oil is the classic way for men to moisturize their beards. It’s a leave-in conditioner. It keeps a beard soft and hydrated. Each beard oil is going to have its own unique scent (or unscented). It’s tough to figure out which you should buy. That’s why a sample pack is a perfect gift.

Already have beard oil? No problem. Never tried any before? No worries. A sample pack is a great gift because it gives us plenty of options. He might just find his new favorite scent! Trying out new scents and oils is wonderful. Check out some fantastic sample packs below!

Who is beard oil best for?

Beard oil is an excellent gift because it’s great for anyone that has a beard. Everyone can use it. Fantastic for maintaining a beards health.

Order a beard oil sample pack today!

Beard Oil CoffretBeard Oil CoffretBuy Now from Zeus3 Kings - Beard oil3 Kings – Beard Oil SamplesBuy Now from Beard KingBeard oil CollectionBeard Oil CollectionBuy Now from Detroit Grooming

Beard oil coffret from Zeus – Coffret is the French word for a box. Zeus includes three of their signature beard oils in a small tin. The three scents included are sandalwood, verbena lime, and vanilla rum.

3 Kings beard oils from Beard King – Three scents are included: Imperial, Knight, and Blade. Imperial has a spicy, crisp, and woodsy scent. Knight has a delicious smoky and leathery scent. Blade has a fresh woody earthiness and leather scent.

Beard oil collection from Detroit Grooming – You get seven oils with this collection including a large variety of scents like cherry tobacco, vanilla, cedarwood, mahogany, peppermint, and many more. A big variety pack is a great way to narrow down your favorite scents!

Gifts for bearded men – Beard Balm

What exactly is beard balm? Another leave-in conditioner. Just like beard oil, beard balm is a wonderful product we use to make our beards soft. But in addition, beard balm will help with styling the beard. That’s not something beard oil can do.

Check out all of the differences between beard oil and balm!

Beard balm offers a little bit of hold to our beards. Balm gets its hold and consistency from a few different ingredients. One of which is beeswax. Why use beeswax? Because it’s a natural ingredient and that’s what we need for soft beards. Hydrating, nourishing, natural ingredients.

Balms are a great alternative to beard oil but, some of us use both balm and oil for added hydration. Longer beards are more prone to drying out. And those dry winter months can be something for sure.

Please note: some balms are focused more on deep conditioning for your beard while others are focused more on styling. Some do both. Most balms have a very light amount of hold. Let’s check a few out.

Who will get the best use out of beard balm?

Beard balm works best for those that have beards that can get a little messy or dry. The longer the beard is, the harder it will be to style it and to keep it hydrated. If it’s difficult to keep those stray hairs down and style a beard, beard balm will work great.

Get a beard balm now!

Honest Amish Beard BalmHonest Amish Beard BalmBuy Now from Honest AmishBeardbrand Utility BalmBeardbrand Utility BalmBuy Now from SmallflowerDetroit Grooming Beard ButterDetroit Grooming Beard ButterBuy Now from Detroit Grooming

Honest Amish Beard Balm – The classic and popular beard balm from Honest Amish. It has a woodsy scent with a hint of licorice. A very manly scent but, not overpowering. It has a very light amount of hold. Soft beard, here I come.

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Utility Balm – Keep your beard super soft with the utility balm from Beardbrand. It has a crisp woodsy scent. Once again a nice manly scent. This balm is made specifically for deep conditioning and not as much for control. If you’re interested in a balm that gives you more control, check out the styling balm from Beardbrand.

Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter – Beard butter works just like beard balm. It offers nourishing ingredients for your beard as well as a little bit of hold for styling. This stuff smells amazing. Quite different from the two more manly scents above. Highly recommended.

Gifts for bearded men – Beard Wash

Beard wash is necessary for a long beard. It will greatly reduce dryness. These types of shampoos are more gentle compared to regular shampoo.

Beard wash/shampoos are focused more on removing dirt and grime while maintaining the natural oils our faces produce.

This stuff should last quite a while as beards shouldn’t be washed daily. Once again because shampoos remove the natural oils from a beard. A couple times a week should be fine. The exception is when you go a little crazy with some bbq ribs.

Who is beard wash a great gift for?

If he’s growing a beard out, he’ll probably need some beard wash. For the shortest of beards, regular shampoo is still going to be fine but, the longer the beard gets the more a beard wash becomes vital to keep it hydrated and clean.

Buy a beard wash here!

Imperial Beard and Body WashImperial Beard and Body WashBuy Now from Beard KingVerbena Lime Beard ShampooVerbena Lime Beard ShampooBuy Now from ZeusBluebeards Original Beard WashBluebeards Original Beard WashBuy Now from Smallflower

Beard King Imperial Beard and Body Wash – Just like the imperial beard oil, this beard wash has a woodsy scent with a little bit of spiciness thrown in. It leaves your skin and beard feeling moisturized and refreshed. Made with natural ingredients to keep your beard moisturized.

Zeus Verbena Lime Beard Shampoo – It has a light floral and citrus smell to it. Great for sensitive skin and made to keep your beard feeling soft. I love the scents from Zeus.

Bluebeards Original Beard Wash Extra Conditioning – A fantastic beard wash but, with extra-soothing ingredients like aloe to make your beard soft as silk. It definitely helps with dry and flaky skin as well! This beard wash has a bit of a lemon/lime scent to it but, the scent doesn’t linger. It smells nice!

Gifts for bearded men – Kits!

Having trouble getting the beard under control? And you want to give him a little bit of everything? Get a beard kit and take a look at my beard taming guide. Everything you’ll need to get that beard under control.

Why is a beard kit a great gift? And who do I get it for?

Anyone starting a beard growing journey will love to get a beard kit. It’ll have all of the essentials to get you started. It’s also great for anyone that could use just a little bit of help taking care of their beard. Longer beards can take more care than you would think! Wonderful gifts for bearded men.

Find the best beard kits here!

Beard King - King KitBeard King – King KitBuy Now from Beard KingDetroit Grooming KitDetroit Grooming KitBuy Now from Detroit GroomingZeus Beard Care KitZeus Beard Care KitBuy Now from Zeus Beard CareBeardbrand Grooming KitBeardbrand Grooming KitBuy Now from Smallflower

 Beard King King Kit – The king kit comes with a beard bib which makes shaving clean up so much easier. Instead of all that hair falling into the sink, it’ll fall into the bib which you can empty into the trash. This kit also includes a beard wash, beard oil, and beard brush. This is a basic kit that comes with a few very useful items.

Detroit Grooming Beard Grooming Kit – This kit comes with a lot of great stuff. Everything comes in a nice handmade wooden box. You get three beard oils, a stainless steel beard comb, a beard shampoo, regular peppermint shampoo, a boar bristle brush, two colognes, and a bar of soap.

Zeus Beard Care Kit – Everything you could possibly need is included in this kit. Beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, stainless steel scissors for trimming, two natural horn beard combs one with regular teeth the other with wide teeth, two beard brushes one being pocket-sized, a nice burlap bag, and a gift box.

Beardbrand Grooming Kit – This box comes with great attention to detail. It’s a black walnut box and it even has magnets in it to keep the box shut. It comes with three different combs a regular beard comb, a pocket-sized beard comb, and a mustache comb. It also includes beard oil and mustache wax, a boar hair beard brush, and a pair of scissors for trimming the beard.

Gifts for bearded men – Beard combs

No bearded man should be without a beard comb. They’re the perfect styling and trimming tool for longer beards. The more coarse and thick a beard is, the wider the teeth should be.

These combs are best for styling and trimming purposes when it comes to beard grooming.

Beard comb vs regular comb? Beard combs have to be made specifically so they don’t snag and pull on thick or curly hair. These combs are typically hand cut and polished so there aren’t any problems. A cheap black plastic comb isn’t made by hand. It’s molded plastic so it has tiny imperfections that can rip out beard hair.

He’ll need a quality beard comb to brush the beard properly.

Who will love a beard comb?

Any man with a medium length beard or longer will love to get a beard comb. Shorter beards just don’t have the length to make great use of a comb. For shorter beards go for a beard brush.

A beard comb will really help get that beard under control. They can be quite wild at times.

Combs happen to be very portable as well. They are fantastic gifts for bearded men on the go.

Pick up a beard comb here!

Zeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard CombZeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard CombBuy Now from Zeus4 4 ” Stainless Steel Comb with Bottle OpenerBuy Now from Detroit GroomingZeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb in Leather SheathZeus Natural Horn Wide Tooth Beard Comb in Leather SheathBuy Now from Zeus

Zeus Sandalwood Double Sided Beard Comb – This is a wooden comb made from sandalwood. The organic sandalwood material gives it a nice fragrance. It’s double-sided with medium and fine teeth. Small enough to fit right in your pocket. No static with this comb!

Detroit Grooming 4″ Stainless Steel Comb – A great comb made out of metal with a built-in bottle opener. If you’re ever worried about crushing a plastic or wood comb, upgrade to a metal comb that won’t break!

Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb – A comb made from natural materials with wide teeth to comb through the curliest of beards. Saw cut and polished to glide through the beard. It’s lightweight and feels awesome.

Gifts for bearded men – Beard brush

A beard brush is another great gift for bearded men. It offers some of the same benefits as a beard comb with a couple of differences.

Most beard brushes are made from natural boar hair. Which is awesome because those natural bristles are fantastic at picking up natural oils (or beard oils) and spreading them evenly throughout the beard. A brush is going to be great at removing dirt, crumbs, dead skin cells, etc. from a beard too.

Who does a beard brush work best for?

We’ve established that a beard comb will work best on men with long beards but, the beard brush works best on shorter beards. Although anyone can make use of a beard brush, it can be more difficult with a beard that is very long and thick. The brush can pull a bit more because the bristles are closer together than the teeth of a comb.

Some men who use both may prefer to use a beard brush to clean the beard and work any product like beard oil or balm into it. Then use a beard comb to style it a bit.

Buy a quality boar bristle beard brush now!

Firm Military Boar Bristle BrushFirm Military Boar Bristle BrushBuy Now from Detroit GroomingZeus Boar Bristle Beard BrushZeus Boar Bristle Beard BrushBuy Now from ZeusKent Beard BrushKent Beard BrushBuy Now from Smallflower

Firm Military Boar Bristle Brush Detroit Grooming – A simple brush that does a good job of evenly distributing oils throughout the beard.

Zeus Boar Bristle Beard Brush – The boar bristle brush from Zeus is made with pear wood and it does a great job brushing out the beard. It uses second cut bristles which means they are a little bit softer.

Kent Beard Brush – Kent is a company focused on making combs and brushes. They are known for excellent quality and craftsmanship. And Kent does not disappoint with this one. It’s a very well made boar bristle brush that feels soft but, it’s firm enough to get through the thickest of beards. Excellent product!

Gifts for bearded men – Trimming tools

Even men with the most glorious of beards might want to think about trimming the beard at some point. Touch up the cheeks, shave the neck, or just restart that beard growing journey. And for that, you’ll need the right tools.

What tools should a bearded man use?

Zeus Beard Stainless Steel Scissors by DovoZeus Beard Scissors by DovoBuy Now from ZeusBeard Trimming ScissorsBeard Trimming ScissorsBuy Now from Detroit Grooming

Get a nice pair of scissors! – For the man that only wants to grow grow grow, scissors are all he’ll need. Just to clean up any rogue hairs and keep that mustache looking great. It’s important to invest in a nice pair of scissors that will make trimming a breeze.

Classic Long Handled Safety RazorClassic Long Handled Safety RazorBuy Now from Detroit GroomingRockwell 6SRockwell 6SBuy Now from Rockwell Razors

Order a double-edged safety razor – A safety razor is a great tool for keeping the neck and cheek lines clean. A significant advantage of the safety razor is that it has only one blade. This reduces skin irritation. But, the major advantage is being able to see exactly where you’re trimming for perfect lines. With a cartridge razor that has anywhere from 3 to 5 blades, that can be very tricky.

Of course, a safety razor requires some extra accessories too. Shaving soap or cream, a shaving brush, a bowl, blade disposal case, razor stand, and extra blades.

Even though the upfront cost is a little bit more, the replacement blades are so inexpensive that it’s worth it in the long run.

Zeus Beard Shaping ToolZeus Beard Shaping ToolBuy Now from Zeus

Try a beard shaping tool – Is he having trouble getting the neck and cheek lines perfect? Get a handy guide to make it simple.

Beard BibBeard BibBuy Now from Beard King

Make trimming it easy with a beard bib – The perfect accessory for trimming a big beard. Instead of making a mess in the sink, let all that hair fall into the beard bib for easy cleanup.


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