Dying Beard Hair – Avoid Causing Damage To The Beard

Dying Beard Hair Without Hurting Your Beard

Looking to change your beard color? We need to be extra careful when dying the beard. It’s going to be a lot more sensitive an area than when you dye hair on your scalp. It’s on your face after all. That and facial hair is completely different. Continue reading to learn more about dying beard hair.

Learn about dying beard hair and what's safe to put on your beard!

Why choosing the right dye is important

Dyes typically have a lot of harsh ingredients in them. It’s not quite as big of a deal for your scalp. Because your scalp is more resistant to chemicals. But, your face is a little more sensitive.

Many men have bad reactions to the more popular dyes. Chemical burn can come up. It’s not super common but, it does happen. So make sure you test out the product on a small patch of beard before you commit to the whole face. It’s basically an allergy test.

There are more natural options you can try out with milder ingredients.

What color should I pick?

It depends on your beard. If your beard is too light, I’d do just a little darker than your natural hair color. If you’re just looking to change the color, I’d go for a shade lighter.

Trying to make your beard appear thicker? Click here for more tips on getting a thick beard.

Regardless, avoid black as much as possible. It can be too dark and look very unnatural.

Dye application

This depends entirely on which dye you choose. Some require more time. Make sure you thoroughly read the directions twice before applying. Some dyes also require a developer to mix it with.

If you mess up, don’t worry. The dye is not permanent. A lot of dyes only last about a month maximum.

Beard maintenance with dye

So the only maintenance that comes with dye is actually reapplying the dye. How often? That will be determined by what dye you get. Some of the more natural dyes will require you to dye your hair more often. Even twice a week.

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