Does Scratching Dandruff Make It Worse? Or Fix It?

Does scratching dandruff make it worse?

Does scratching dandruff make it worse?

Scratching dandruff is a good thing, right? It gets rid of all of those flakes. It’s gotta be good right? Wrong.

Dandruff is a mild form of scalp irritation and it could be triggered by a number of different things. Your scalps immune system kicks in. So it starts shedding to get rid of whatever is irritating it.

Scratching causes further irritation to your scalps natural barrier. So your immune system will continue to work hard to fix the issue, causing more flakes.[1]

It can make things much worse!

How to avoid scratching

What’s the method to an itch-free scalp? We have to fix the root of the problem.

If you are looking for relief from itch, studies have shown that a shampoo with zinc pyrithione reduced itch.[2]

However, that’s not the only effective treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp. There are a lot of different kinds of commercial dandruff shampoos with active ingredients that fight dandruff.

Home remedies are also a popular option if you’re looking to avoid regular shampoos.

The most popular zinc pyrithione shampoo is Head and Shoulders.

Head and Shoulders - Clinical StrengthHead and Shoulders – Clinical StrengthHead and Shoulders - Clinical Strength


What scratching leads to

I know it’s hard to do but, if you can find the will, avoid any scratching.

I see all kinds of ASMR dandruff scratching and flake removal videos everywhere on the internet. Despite being pretty gross, some people find it very relaxing and satisfying.

Kind of like…. scratching an itch. Haha.

That’s an example of what you shouldn’t do. I mean, the videos are fine but, scratching is bad.

Think of the flakes like a scab. If you continuously pick at it, it won’t heal. The same thing applies here. It’s momentary relief. We need to solve the root of the problem.

Over scratching can even lead to bleeding and infection. Avoid it!

Should I exfoliate my skin to get rid of dandruff?


Brushing and exfoliating are usually good for your skin in moderation but, they can also be rough on your scalp. Especially when your skin is heavily irritated. It’s usually a good way to distribute oils throughout your hair but, don’t brush any more than you have to.

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