Does Rogaine Work For Receding Hairline? Should You Use it?

Does Rogaine Work For Receding Hairline

Does Rogaine Work For A Receding Hairline

One major concern with using Rogaine (minoxidil) for those that have a thinninig hairline is that it will only work on the scalp/crown. Does Rogaine or Minoxidil work for a receding hairline?

Why does the medicine only make claims about the scalp and crown and never about the hairline? Should I be concerned about using it?

Why does it say it’s not intended for the hairline and frontal scalp?

FDA approval of medicines

FDA approval is the main reason why confusion exists. That’s why they tell you only to use rogaine/minoxidil on the vertex or crown of the scalp.

The food and drug administration (FDA) has very strict standards about the claims you’re allowed to make on your products.

Our relevant example is the claim that rogaine

That’s understandable, right? They want to be 100% sure your medicine is safe, effective, and works before they will approve its usage. The FDA requires extensive testing, studies, and research before the medicine is approved.

Why Minoxidil/Rogaine are only approved by the FDA for the scalp and crown

Minoxidil and Rogaine are the same medicine. Rogaine is a brand name and minoxidil is the generic version of the topical hair loss medicine.

The issue comes from a majority of the initial testing for minoxidil/Rogaine being specifically focused on the crown. All of the extensive testing, studies, and research that was done on this medicine were specifically for the crown.

How come it was only done for the crown? Dr. Sara Wasserbauer explains:

Every legit study on hair loss will require some kind of tattoo. They need to tattoo a spot on your head to note the exact spot on your head so they know exactly where to look consistently for hair growth.

You must also shave the scalp right by the hairline repeatedly to see exactly how much hair is growing.

As a result, there aren’t exactly a lot of volunteers for this kind of study. Even with payment it’s hard to get people to go through something like that.

As a result of the studies being done specifically on the crown, they were only allowed to claim it works on the crown. There isn’t enough proper and rigorous testing of the medicine on the hairline.

The FDA will not allow any claims that aren’t fully tested to their standards to be made. So, regardless of whether it works or not, they can’t say it works on the hairline.

So Rogaine does work on a receding hairline?

Yes, there are a few studies that show minoxidil is effective on the hairline. Let’s take a look at two of them.

Paraphrased conclusions of study number 1:

5% minoxidil is a safe and effective way to counter hair loss in both the front and back of the scalp. During the 104 week study, group 1 that had minoxidil treatment from the start had a major increase in hair count and hair width by week 52.

Paraphrased conclusions from study number 2:

5% minoxidil jump started hair growth in both the front and back regions of the scalp where it was applied.

So yes, Rogaine and minoxidil work well on both the front and the back of the scalp. Some men even use it on their face to help grow a beard!

It should work anywhere there are hair follicles.

So it works right? Will I have success with it?

This is an entirely different topic. Minoxidil and Rogaine are effective at growing hair however, they are not effective at specifically stopping hair loss.

Your genetic sensitivity to DHT, a type of hormone, is thought to be the main cause of hair loss. Due to DHT, over time your scalp will become worse and worse at producing hair. And there is a certain point where you will not be able to grow hair anymore at all.

That’s why they always say the sooner you start hair loss treatment the better.

The most successful way to use minoxidil and rogaine

If you decide to use minoxidil or Rogaine for your hair loss, I’d recommend using a DHT blocker like finasteride as well.

Those two treatments are the most effective way to treat hair loss. And that’s simply because finasteride helps to slow down the root of the problem, DHT. And Minoxidil/Rogaine helps regrow your hair.

There are ways to increase the effectiveness of minoxidil as well.

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