Do Beard Growth Products Work? Which ones are for me?

Do Beard Growth Products Work?

The short answer is yes. They do work. But, it’s not entirely that simple. We want to know how effective they are and if you have trouble growing a beard normally, will they help? Do beard growth products work? Let’s find out!

Do beard growth products work? Find out about supplements, oils, beard growth serums, and minoxidil.

What are the different beard growth products?

There are many different types of products available for beard growth. The main differences are going to be the way you apply them to your beard and the ingredient list.

Beard Supplements

Beard supplements usually come in the form of capsules you take to aid in beard growth.

What are they? They are a formula of many different vitamins that come in a capsule. Each supplement on the market has its own ingredient list but, most of them include a number of vitamins your body uses daily. Vitamins like A, E, C, B6, and Biotin. Biotin is most commonly associated with hair and beard growth.

What are they supposed to do? They support beard growth. Meaning when you take these supplements they should help your already growing beard grow thicker and fuller. Possibly even faster too. These are similar to a multivitamin but, they are specifically focused on ingredients that support beard growth.

What’s the difference between beard supplements and a multivitamin? A multivitamin provides a wide range of vitamins to improve your bodily health. Beard supplements provide a much smaller range of vitamins focused on beard growth specifically. Often times a beard supplement gives you over 10 times as much biotin as a multivitamin will. Most of the time beard supplements are more expensive but there is one supplement that’s actually cheaper than many multivitamins.


Minoxidil is a drug used to treat hair loss. It has been scientifically proven to help hair growth when it is applied topically. It usually comes as a foam or liquid with a dropper. The liquid is less popular because it can more easily cause dry skin. Dry skin is horrible when it comes to beard health and something we most definitely want to avoid. If you decide to use minoxidil/rogaine you should go for the foam version. It’s a little better than the liquid. Dry skin is a common side effect with both, however.

Does Minoxidil work for beards? Yes. Although it’s commonly advertised for the hair on your head, it works just as well for beards. As long as there are follicles there this drug can help hair grow. Meaning if I rub it on my fingertips it won’t grow hair there. But, applying it to your face will help beard growth. That said one thing to note is it hasn’t been officially tested for beards. Just for hair on your head. But, many men have had great success using minoxidil on their beards.

Does it have side effects? Yes, there are side effects to minoxidil so if you use it, make sure you read the label!

Rogaine is one of the most common brands of minoxidil. And it works for beards!

Beard Growth Serum

What is Beard growth serum? It’s a liquid formula with many nutrients you apply directly to your beard to help it grow in volume, thickness, and length. It’s very similar to a beard growth supplement but instead of eating it, you put it on your beard to absorb the nutrients.

Many men that were thinking about using minoxidil opt for this instead. The reason is that it offers more natural ingredients. Products that use synthetic chemicals very often dry out our skin. That’s when you can easily get beard dandruff, pimples, and a rough beard.

How do you use it? Apply it once each night with a dropper to get results.

Beard Growth Spray

This Beard Growth Spray is another type of beard growth product that comes as a spray just like the name suggests. This is actually the only beard growth product I’ve found in a spray form. That’s probably because it’s not that great of an idea.

It’s not very easy to apply to the beard. It gets everywhere and irritates your eyes. Your better off sticking with a liquid or foam solution.

I do not recommend it.

Beard oil

Beard oil is something everyone growing a beard should have.

What makes it great? It helps with your natural beard growth by making sure your beard and skin are moisturized and healthy. Your beard will be easier to manage by making it softer. It will eliminate beard dandruff and make your skin less itchy while you’re growing out your beard. It comes in a bottle with a dropper.

Does it make your beard grow faster? It will not increase the speed or thickness of your facial hair growth. But, it makes growing a beard so much more manageable. It’s a must have item.

Are beard growing products effective? Let's figure out how long it will take to grow a beard with these products.

Are beard growth products effective?

For those already growing a beard. Yes, these products will help you grow your beard in faster and healthier. There’s no one item that will help everyone. Different folks have different results. From increased growth with thicker hair to nothing. You’ll have to do some trial and error to see what works best for you. Take a look at my recommendations below if you’re interested.

Do beard growth products work for those that cannot grow any beard hair? No, it’s most likely that you will always have difficulty growing a beard. Your genetics are going to be the main factor in determining your beard growth. Most of these products are going to aid in beard growth. What I mean by that is if your beard is already coming in, these products will make it a little bit healthier and thicker. Possibly even faster too. Many can be very helpful for filling in a patchy beard.

They won’t however, magically give you the ability to grow hair. So, if you cannot grow a beard at all, chances are most of these products won’t work for you. With the exception of one product that might help.

Do beard growth products work if I’m young? (under 25). You may need to just give it some time. Wait a few more years then let the beard grow in for 3 months and see how it’s going before giving up hope on the bearded life.

How long should I use these products? 

Each product is different but, some men have seen growth in a few weeks and others it’s taken a year of continued use to get results they are happy with. So be patient! It really depends on genetics and how long it takes you to grow a beard.

Beard supplements should take about 1-2 months. This is just to notice any difference in beard growth.

Minoxidil should take about 4 months but, some haven’t seen growth for much longer. It can sometimes take years.

Beard growth serum should take about 2 months.

Learn all about the different kinds of beard growth products available. And which ones will work for you!

Who do beard growth products work for? What should I use?

If you’re growing a beard but, you’re not happy with how fast or healthy it’s growing in, beard products may be the best choice for you. Most of these types of products are going to work for those that already have beard growth but, aren’t happy with how fast or how thick it’s growing.

We need a well-balanced diet. I’d recommend beard supplements. Just like a vitamin, they will give you some of the nutrients your body needs to make sure your beard is growing at its best. I know I’ve had my times where a steady diet of burgers and fries just ain’t gonna cut it when it comes to getting your vitamins. If your diet is lacking you should consider taking a vitamin to supplement it.

For those that are having trouble growing facial hair, you may want to give Minoxidil a shot. If you have follicles on your face but the hairs aren’t growing, you will get some results. I would use it as a last resort if you really want a beard but nothing else has worked.

Do beard growth products work for patchy areas? Beard growth serum is worth a shot. Many folks have had great results when it comes to filling out a little bit more of their beard.

Everyone trying to grow a beard should be using this product. Beard oil is the number one thing that will promote healthy skin and a healthy beard while you’re growing it out. And if your beard is particularly dry due to the weather or other factors you can consider doubling up with some beard balm. Beard balm has mostly the same ingredients and beard oil with the exception of also having beeswax for hold and butter for spreadability. Beard balm can help you reduce skin irritation and maintain a healthy well-hydrated beard.

Do beard growth products work two at a time?

No.  You should only stick with one type of product at a time with the exception of beard oil and beard balm. Which you can use for anything.

So if you’re using minoxidil/rogaine, do not use beard growth serum in addition. It’s a recipe for disaster. If you want to use beard oil or balm at the same time as minoxidil, apply the minoxidil before bed and use beard oil or balm or both in the morning.

Make sure you read the label

You need to make sure you’re reading the label with any beard growth products you use.

Not only do they have side effects, warnings, and directions but, they also list the ingredients. With the exception of rogaine which has all kinds of chemicals in it, we want to make sure the ingredients are natural. It’s especially important in beard supplements that you know exactly what you’re eating.

Which specific products do you recommend?

There are too many beard products out there. It’s hard to know what the good ones are. But, here are my favorites.

Men's Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Minoxidil FoamMen’s Rogaine Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Minoxidil FoamIRON BEARD Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for MenIRON BEARD Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement for MenThe Gentlemen's Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner Softener - Fragrance FreeThe Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner Softener – Fragrance Free

Do Beard Growth Products Work?

Yes, but that depends on a lot of different factors with genetics being the main one. Different products work for different people. Try out some different ones and give it time.


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