What’s The Best Way To Clean A Beard? Any Tips?

Clean A Beard With This Simple Guide

A lot can go into beard care. There are tons of products out there. So give it to me straight, what’s the best way to clean a beard. Check it out below.

Learn the best way to clean a beard with this simple guide.

Brushing the beard

Surprised I didn’t say shampoo first? Start the morning by brushing the beard. A classic tool for beard cleanliness is a boar bristle beard brush. But, why? What does it do?

A boar bristle brush has firm bristles. Firm enough that it will penetrate the beard. Soft enough that it won’t pull out any hair. No snagging or tugging. The bristles are tightly packed too. Perfect for picking up anything in the beard.

There’s a reason I recommend to brush first thing in the morning. It picks up all of the dirt and debris from the beard. In addition, it redistributes our beards natural oils. Great cleaning tool. The boar bristle brush helps prepare us to get cleaned up in the shower.

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Beard shampoo

Keeping your beard clean is the best way to clear skin and healthy facial hair.

No regular shampoo. No regular bar soap. None of that stuff. You can get away with using that on a short beard. But, medium to long beards? You’ll want something less drying.

Beard wash is great. You have them in bar or liquid form. They tend to use milder chemicals than your typical shampoos and soaps. A lot of beard washes also use natural ingredients.

Extra Grit Beard and Body Soap by Honest AmishExtra Grit Beard and Body Soap by Honest AmishCheck PriceBeard Shampoo Wash 8 fl oz, Zeus Verbena LimeBeard Shampoo Wash 8 fl oz, Zeus Verbena LimeCheck Price

Don’t overwash!

My recommendation is to wash the beard once or twice a week. Beard shampoo/wash is milder than regular shampoo but, it’s still drying. When you don’t wash the beard just run water through it with your fingers.

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Keep the beard healthy

Part of keeping a clean beard is making it look clean. And to do that we keep it healthy and moisturized. Beard oil is a wonderful product to do just that thing.

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