Black Men Beard Grooming Tips For Great Looking Facial Hair

Black Men Beard Grooming Tips

Looking for grooming tips specifically for black men? Want to make your beard soft and easy to manage. Read on for black men beard grooming tips to get the beard you’ve always wanted.

Take a look at these black men beard grooming tips for awesome facial hair.

First, we need a beard

Before you decide to do anything, let the beard grow. Three months is a good milestone. Then you can decide what you want to do. No trimming or shaving during that time. This is just what I recommend. I think it makes the most sense. Here’s why:

I say wait that long for a reason. So many men give up after a couple weeks. They say, “Oh, I only have a patchy beard. Time to shave it off”. They don’t realize that not all hair grows at the same rate.

Give your beard plenty of time to grow to its full potential. Some even take longer than 3 months to fill in the patchy areas. It’s going to be a little awkward looking during that time. Don’t let your family or friends discourage you. You’re well on your way to an awesome beard.

Black men beard grooming tips – Trimming

At the three month mark, you’ll be able to decide what to do with the beard. Maintain a short beard or grow it out longer. Regardless, you’ll need a trim.

Going short – Short beards require more maintenance in the trimming department. Constant trimming is what you’ll need to keep the beard looking clean and well groomed.  How often? That’s up to you. I personally would choose to spend a little extra to get a decent trimmer. Just because you’ll be using it all of the time.

To maintain clean lines, you’ll also need a razor. A single bladed razor works best. Only because it allows you to see exactly where you’re trimming. A cartridge razor with multiple blades is difficult to judge. To add to that, the blades are so much cheaper for a safety razor. There’s a little more upfront cost but, you only have to buy it once. Just in the first year, it ends up being less than half the cost of replacement blades.

Going long – The most you’ll need for a longer beard is simply a pair of beard trimming scissors. The razor will help you out with keeping it looking clean until it properly grows out though.

Keeping the beard soft and skin healthy

It may be discouraging if your beard feels pretty rough and difficult to manage. But, let me tell you, it doesn’t get soft on its own. We’ve gotta use some different products to make it feel awesome.

Beard styling tool – A beard brush works well to clean the beard, detangle, and help with moisture by spreading oils evenly. A beard comb works best with long beards. It’s great for styling. For curly beards especially, you’ll want a wide-toothed comb.

Want to learn more about the difference between beard combs and beard brushes? Click here!

Beard wash – Choose some type of beard wash over regular shampoo to maintain moisture in your beard. You really only need to wash the beard once or twice a week. Just rinse with water the rest.

Beard oil/balm – Beard oil is what I would consider a necessary product for every beard. It moisturizes and softens the beard. Beard balm helps with both styling and protecting the beard. It contains many of the same ingredients as beard oil.


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