What’s The Best Way To Soften Beard Hair? Easy Fix.

Best Way To Soften Beard Hair

A wiry and rough beard can be a huge problem. It’s unruly and hard to tame. So we’re going to soften it so it’s soft and easier to manage. So what’s the best way to soften beard hair?

The best way to soften beard hair is right here. Read on to find the cure for rough facial hair.

Wash correctly

Use beard shampoo/wash. It’s less drying than regular shampoo. If you want a soft beard you’ll need all the moisture you can get.

Keep washing the beard to one or two times a week. That’s all you’ll really need. And washing less often will maintain more of your beards natural oils.

Condition and hydrate

Conditioning the beard is the best way to soften beard hair.

Conditioner – Shampoos will reduce the natural oils in your beard. A conditioner will help replace those oils. Use as often as you need to. I recommend using it right after your beard wash/shampoo.

Beard oil – A simple solution to conditioning the beard. Just apply a few drops of beard oil to your beard after drying off from a shower. Beard oil will keep your beard soft and hydrated throughout the day.

Beard balm – balms are also moisturizing and contain different types of butter. These natural kinds of butter are fantastic for beard health. But, a great benefit of a balm is giving you more control over the beard. That comes from the styling properties of beeswax. Found in a majority of styling balms, it helps hold your facial hair in place. Like a hair gel but, not as strong.


Combs and brushes are fantastic tools to take care of a beard that is out of control.

Use a beard comb or brush. Shorter beards don’t really have the length to make good use of a comb. That’s why we use a brush.

Long beards can benefit from using both a comb and a brush. Combs are great for styling, control, and trimming. Boar bristle brushes are great for spreading oil throughout the beard.

The key to choosing a good brush or comb is to have something that won’t pull on the beard.

Beards that are especially thick or curly will see better results with a wide tooth comb.


Split ends are bad for your beard. It’s an indication that your beard is damaged. They can cause your beard to feel a little rougher and cause irritation.

Trimming is a great option to take care of those hairs. Make sure you’re using a sharp pair of scissors to properly cut your facial hair. Dull blades can also cause damage to the ends of your beard. That invites even more irritation.

Learn about trimming your beard here.


Beards need the right fuel to grow in properly. Eating correctly can improve the quality of your facial hair.

Having trouble getting all of the nutrients you might need? Try out beard vitamins.


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