The Best Straight Razor Shaving Cream You Can Get

Best Straight Razor Shaving Cream For A Great Shave

No matter what your experience level with a straight razor is, you’ll want an awesome shaving cream. Preparation is the most important part of shaving. Even more than the type of razor you use. Check out the best straight razor shaving cream.

Get the best straight razor shaving cream for an awesome shave.

Types of shaving creams

There are tons of different kinds of shaving creams. Gels, foams, soaps, and traditional shaving cream. Soaps and traditional shaving creams are going to be the types that wet shaving enthusiasts are going to use. Creating your own lather with water and such.

Check out all of the differences between the different shaving creams.

Shaving soap

These soaps are often regarded as the best option for a quality shave. But, for the purposes of this little guide, we’ll be specifically going over traditional shaving creams.

 Shaving cream – Traditional

A traditional shaving cream is one that you create lather with yourself. You’ll take a dab of cream, mix it with water, and mix it in a bowl. It takes some time to get the hang of it. Trial and error will get you there.

It may take some trial and error to find your favorite shaving cream as well. The main reason is the scent. A big draw of shaving creams and soaps, besides how great a shave they give, are the scents. Scents tend to be very subjective.

Probably the most popular out of the top three I’ll recommend is Taylor of Old Bond Street. It’s what a lot of men start with.

The other two are quality options as well. Together they make up what some call the three T’s. Three popular shaving cream companies that all happen to have names that start with T. How about that.

Bad shaving cream?

You mentioned soaps and shaving creams, what about foams and gels?

Foams and gels have their place as a convenient solution. A solution to make shaving faster and easier. I like to think of them as your instant mashed potatoes. Are they as good as homemade mashed potatoes? No. But, they’re quick, easy, and simple.

Does that make them bad? It’s a personal choice to decide what’s right for you. Sacrifices in quality have to be made to make it faster. Those sacrifices come down to the specific ingredients.

Canned shaving creams are known for having a lot of chemicals in them. Shaving gels too. I mean they have to in order for the pressurized can to work.

A lower quality shaving cream can result in less moisturized skin and cuts you have to deal with.

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