Beard Oil vs Balm: Which One Should I Use For My Beard?

Beard Oil vs Balm, Are They Different?

If you decide to jump into the world of beards, you’ll find that there are so many different products available. It’s kind of overwhelming. It’s tough to figure out what you actually need. Once the beard gets to a certain length it’s clear that you’ll need some type of product to keep it healthy but, which is it? Let’s figure out the difference between beard oil vs balm and why each might be valuable to you.

What are the differences between beard oil vs balm? Can I use both? Learn about both here!

What is beard oil?

Beard oil, it seems, is the go-to conditioner for beards. It’s the most popular beard product on the market.  A key component of beard health is going to be hydration and that’s exactly what beard oil sets out to do.

Most beard oils are made out of natural ingredients. Although some use synthetic fragrances.

These natural ingredients include two types of oils. One is carrier oils. These are the natural oils that provide the moisturizing qualities, in addition to other benefits, we need for our beards. These carrier oils are also used to dilute the second type of oil. Those are essential oils.

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Essential oils also have health benefits but, they are mostly used in bear oils for their scents. These oils are also natural but, they tend to be very concentrated. Using them alone on your skin may leave it feeling dry and that’s why we dilute them with the carrier oils.

The main take away is that beard oil is a fantastic moisturizer for your beard. It will keep your beard healthy and soft. It helps eliminate dandruff too!

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is similar to beard oil in that it uses both carrier and essential oils. It, however, also uses a few extra ingredients. Beeswax and natural butter are two of the most common extra ingredients.

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Beeswax gives these balms a little bit of hold. And different kinds of butter are used to give the balm its texture and to help it melt in the palm of your hand.

Beard balm is another type of moisturizer that does a few different things for your beard. Here’s a full guide to beard balms.

Beard oil vs balm How are they different?

The primary goal of both products is to create healthy skin and an awesome beard through hydration. The key to avoiding a dry and itchy beard. But, both products feel very different.

The butter that’s found in balm offers it’s own health benefits, hold, and texture, compared to beard oil which has none. One of the most common types of butter for a balm is shea butter.

Same thing with beeswax. It’s not found in oil and it keeps the beard in place almost like a very light hair gel.

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