Beard Neckline Guide – The Best Way To Get The Perfect Neckline

Top Beard Neckline Guide

Having trouble getting your neckline to look perfect? Need a beard neckline guide to point you in the right direction? Here’s the easy way to maintain a great looking neckline.

Take a look at this beard neckline guide for simple steps to a perfect neckline.

Common mistakes – Bad neckline

The best thing to go over first is major mistakes. That way we know exactly what to avoid when trimming our own neckline. The most common mistake is starting your neckline way too high.

You’ll see necklines trimmed to be right on the jawline. It tends to look unnatural and pretty strange.

Another mistake along the same lines is using too sharp of an angle going up to the ear. Avoid this by keeping the neckline away from your jawline.

Where should I start the neckline?

The top of your Adam’s apple is the best place to start. If you’re still unsure where to start. I recommend going as low as possible. You’ll want to take this starting point up to the back of your ear.

Are there any tools to make it easier?

If you’re having trouble getting an even neckline, you might want to try one of these. These shaping tools are great for getting an even trim on the cheek line and neckline. It’s much more convenient than messing up without some kind of guide.

Click here to learn about cheek lines.

Let’s talk about the shape of the neckline.

The shape of the neckline

The shape of the neckline should look like a natural extension of your face. One advantage of a beard is we can adjust the neckline to support our face shape. Meaning we can give ourselves a better and more defined looking jawline. It makes for a great looking beard!

Keep your beard well below your jawline and bring it to the back of the ear.

Best shaving tool for a neckline

A safety razor works the best. A single blade lets you see exactly where you’re shaving. Something you need to be able to do with a neckline. Your typical cartridge razor won’t help you there. The blades for it are very inexpensive too. It takes a little getting used to but, after a few shaves you get the hang of it pretty quick.

A straight razor can work quite well too but, there’s a bit more work involved in maintaining one. Take a look at the differences between a straight and safety razor.

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