Beard Care Products For Men – A Complete List Of Top Rated Items

A full list of beard care products for men. All of the helpful tools you can make use of for maintenance, styling, and beard growth.

Top rated beard care products for men

Helpful Beard Care Products For Men

For each item, I’ll list the type of product it is, what beards will benefit from it, and the specific benefits you’ll get from using it.

We all have different beards and different needs for them.

Some men won’t need a single product. They have very short beards or they are blessed by the bearded gods. Others need a full regimen of beard care products just to keep their beard manageable.

Regardless of which side you fall on, I recommend experimenting to find what works best for you. To top my list of beard care products for men, I’ll start with beard oil.

Beard Oil

Beard care products for men - Detroit Grooming Corktown Beard OilDetroit Grooming Corktown Beard OilBuy Beard Oil Now

What is beard oil? It’s a light leave-in conditioner for your beard meant to keep your beard and skin underneath healthy.

It works well for all beard types. Short and long beards alike will all benefit from beard oil.

Benefits of beard oil:

  • Reduce Itchiness
  • Eliminate dry, flaky, or irritated skin
  • Reduce acne
  • Soften the beard
  • Get rid of beard dandruff
  • Light cologne for your beard

Just about anyone out there with a beard is going to recommend this stuff to you.

Beard oil is what some may call a game changer. And for good reason. It’s a top-notch conditioner for your beard. It’s also the best selling type of beard care product. Why is it so popular? It keeps your beard and skin healthy.

Itchiness is caused by skin that’s irritated. Simple enough. You can reduce skin irritation by softening and moisturizing a dry or rough beard with beard oil. That cuts down on any facial hair rubbing excessively against your face. Oils also offer hydration to your skin which helps soothe any irritation.

Beard oils tend to be non-comedogenic. They help with acne! Non-comedogenic means that it won’t clog your pores.

Each beard oil has its own unique scent to it. So if you’re looking for a new scent to become your favorite, you might want to try a beard oil variety pack.

Beard oil is best applied when your beard is a little damp after a shower. Not too wet. But, after you towel dry it, your beard should still have some moisture in it.

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Beard Balm

Beard care products for men - Beard ButterDetroit Grooming Leland Beard ButterBuy A Beard Balm Now

What’s beard balm? It’s a leave-in conditioner. One of many beard care products for men used for deep conditioning of your beard.

It works great for all beards.

Benefits of using beard balm:

  • Reduce the itch
  • Soften beard
  • Get rid of dry, flaky, or irritated skin
  • Reduce acne
  • Take care of beard dandruff
  • Style your beard easily

How do I explain beard balm? I’ll start off by saying it’s similar to beard oil. When you look at the benefits, it seems very similar in what it does. You’ll want to take these things into consideration when deciding between beard oil and beard balm.

It’s a conditioner just like beard oil but, beard balm has a few additional ingredients that give it an edge.

Some balms have beeswax or other ingredients that give your beard a little hold once applied. Beeswax being the primary natural ingredient that gives hold. Perfect for styling a messy beard. Have a problem with those stray hairs sticking out? Beard balm can help you out there.

Some beard balms have natural butters that offer deep conditioning for your beard and many benefits for the skin underneath. Shea butter is a very common one that’s fantastic for the health of your skin.

Not all balms are made the same though. Some balms are better for styling. Other balms are better for nourishment. It depends on the ingredients.

Balms are best applied when your beard is dry.

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Beard Shampoo

Unscented Beard Wash by Bluebeards OriginalUnscented Beard Wash by Bluebeards OriginalBuy Now

What is beard shampoo? It’s a type of shampoo designed to keep your beard from drying out.

It works well for all beard types.

Benefits of a beard shampoo:

  • Maintain natural oils from your skin
  • Clean your beard without drying it out
  • Get rid of dandruff


Need to get your beard clean without drying it out? Beard shampoo is the right product for you.

A regular shampoo is meant to remove all of the dirt and oils from your skin. Beard shampoo does the same thing but, in a more gentle way. It leaves more of your faces natural oils intact. Leaving you with a healthier beard. That means less dryness after a shower and reduced dandruff in your beard.

Beard shampoo is one product that shouldn’t be used every day. One to two times a week should be plenty. Exceptions being if you got your beard really dirty from working out or some bbq ribs. Simply rinse out the beard or wash with beard conditioner on off days.

Facial Scrub

Beard care products for men - Jack Black Face Buff Energizing ScrubJack Black Face Buff Energizing ScrubBuy A Face Scrub Now

What is a facial scrub? It’s a type of exfoliating product meant to remove dirt and dead skin cells from your face.

Works best for skin problems. Whether that be acne, ingrown hairs, or oily skin under the beard.

Benefits of a facial scrub:

  • Exfoliate skin underneath the beard
  • Reduce acne
  • Fights dandruff
  • Helps Prevent ingrown hairs
  • Gets rid of blackheads
  • No clogged pores

A facial scrub can exfoliate in two ways. Physically or chemically.

A scrub that works in a physical way is one that has powder, microbeads, or something that gives it a little grit to buff your skin. A scrub that works chemically will use chemicals that dissolve excess oils and dirt leaving your face feeling clean and fresh. Chemical scrubs work best for dealing with ingrown hairs!

Please note: you don’t want to use a facial scrub every day. More like 2 times a week. Otherwise, it will be too rough on your skin. Those who have sensitive skin will want to use a scrub that is less abrasive.

Beard Conditioner

Beard care products for men - Zeus Beard ConditionerZeus Beard ConditionerBuy A Beard Conditioner Now

What is a beard conditioner? Just like it sounds, a conditioner for your beard.

A major complaint about longer beards is that they tend to get very dry and rough very fast. This is another method to give hydration and softness to those beards.

This is a great addition to your beard care routine on days that you use your beard shampoo. This can be used in addition to your beard oil and beard balm to provide further moisture to your beard.

Benefits of a beard conditioner:

  • Moisturize the beard after washing it
  • Soften facial hair

Unlike beard oil or beard balm, this product is not a leave-in conditioner. It’s a more traditional one just like conditioners for your hair. You work it into your beard, leave it for a few minutes then wash it out.

Avoid conditioners with silicones. One major difference between a beard conditioner and regular conditioner is silicones. Silicones seal your facial hair preventing further moisture from getting through. That’s where something like a beard balm shines. With natural ingredients to provide a moisture barrier.

A full beard care routine may look like this:

  1. Beard shampoo then beard conditioner in the shower
  2. Oil after drying the beard
  3. Apply beard balm

Mustache Wax

Beard care products for men - Zeus Mustache Styling WaxZeus Mustache Styling WaxBuy Mustache Wax Now

What is mustache wax? A strong styling wax made for your mustache.

Need your mustache to hold a specific shape? This stuff’s for you!

There’s only one main benefit and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Give your mustache some shape.



Beard Brush

Beard care products for men - Zeus Boar Bristle Beard BrushZeus Boar Bristle Beard BrushBuy A Beard Brush Now

What’s a beard brush? Most commonly made out of boar bristles this brush is firm enough to brush through the beard.

Works best for cleaning the beard, detangling and some light styling. Useful on all beard types but, works better on beards that aren’t as thick or curly.

Benefits of a beard brush:

  • Exfoliate and clean the beard
  • Detangle facial hair
  • Style the beard
  • Evenly distribute product

A boar bristle beard brush is a great grooming tool.

The bristles of a boar brush are perfect for cleaning your beard. Dead skin cells, dandruff, or old product, a brush will pick that up no problem. Boar bristles, in particular, tend to be quite firm and that’s why they work best compared to something like a horsehair brush which is much softer.

The natural bristles are really good at absorbing natural oils from your face too. That helps you evenly distribute moisture to hydrate your beard.

A beard brush does pretty well at detangling and styling your beard too.

Use a beard brush before the shower when your beard is dry to loosen any dirt or debris in the beard. I know that’s difficult for some thicker/longer beards, especially with your beard being dry. You may want to choose a beard comb instead of a brush. It’s easier to use a comb with wider teeth in that case.

You can also use the brush after applying beard oil to spread the product evenly throughout your beard.

Don’t forget to clean your brush every so often!

The best tool for styling your beard is a comb.

Beard Comb

Beard care products for men - Zeus Natural Horn Beard CombZeus Natural Horn Beard CombBuy A Beard Comb Now

What’s a beard comb? A comb that’s hand cut to avoid any pulling on your facial hair.

Works best on long beards that need help with styling or super thick/curly beards that you can’t use a beard brush for.

Benefits of a beard comb:

  • Best styling tool for your beard
  • Detangle facial hair
  • Evenly distribute product
  • Portable
  • Glides through beards easily

The benefits look similar to a beard brush, right? They accomplish the same goals. Brushes and combs have their pros and cons. For example, the brush is better at cleaning the beard and the comb is better for styling longer beards. But, they each do both of those things.

A beard comb can be used when the beard is wet. That is a major difference. A brush may cause breakage when your beard is wet.

Beard combs are also smaller and more durable meaning they are much more portable! They often come with a carrying case too.

A comb with wider teeth works great for thick beards that are tough to comb.

Beard Scissors

Beard care products for men - Beard Trimming ScissorsBeard Trimming ScissorsBuy Beard Scissors Now

What are beard scissors? A great tool for maintaining a long beards shape without taking off too much length.

Beard scissors work best for medium to long beards.

Benefits of beard scissors:

  • Actually cuts hair
  • Lots of control for light trimming


For trimming a longer beard you’ll need a nice pair of scissors. That’s all you should need to maintain it.

Sure you could go for a cheaper pair but, good luck cutting anything. A quality pair of scissors for trimming will be sharp enough to trim through our beards.

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Beard Trimmer

Beard care products for men - Brio Beardscape TrimmerBrio Beardscape TrimmerBuy A Beard Trimmer Now

What is a beard trimmer? A trimmer made to cut through thicker and more coarse hair, like facial hair.

A beard trimmer is great for maintaining the length of a short beard. 

Benefits of a beard trimmer:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Makes it easy to keep your beard at an even length


I recommend this for the shorter beards because you’ll be trimming much more often than someone with a medium to long beard. Short beards require more maintenance in the trimming department.

It’s a quick and easy solution that doesn’t take much thought to trim down your facial hair.

Beard Bib

Beard care products for men - White Beard BibWhite Beard BibBuy A Beard Bib Now

What is a beard bib? It’s a bib you attach to your neck and mirror to catch all of your beard trimmings.

Works perfectly for any beard that needs a trim.

Benefits of a beard bib:

  • Fast and easy clean up with no mess


The beard bib makes clean up simple. It catches all the hair that would normally fall in or around your sink. Keep everything pristine!

Beard Shaping Tool

Beard care products for men - Beard Shaping ToolBeard Shaping ToolBuy A Beard Shaping Tool Now

What is a beard shaping tool? Just like the name implies, it’s a plastic or metal guide that you can hold to your face while cleaning up your neck or cheek lines. For shaping your beard.

Works best on short beards.

Benefits of a beard shaping tool:

  • No mistakes when shaving neck or cheek line
  • Fast styling tool
  • Inexpensive and easy to use

Ever have trouble getting your neck or cheek line looking perfect? This tool makes it simple.

Short beards benefit the most from this because longer beards don’t need to trim the neckline as the beard covers it.


Beard care products for men - Double Edge Safety Razor 6CDouble Edge Safety Razor 6CBuy A Razor Now

Believe it or not, razors are a great tool for maintaining a beard too.

Along with a beard shaping tool, the razor will help you keep your neck and cheek lines looking fantastic. Double edge safety razors can give you a very close and smooth shave!

Safety razors take a little time to get used to. But, once you get the hang of it, a safety razor can actually reduce skin irritation from shaving.

Beard care kit

Zeus Beard Care Products for men - KitZeus Beard Care KitBuy A Beard Care Kit Now

A beard care kit should have everything you’ll need to take care of your beard. And they include beard care products at a cheaper price than buying them individually. But, what will I need?

What should be included in a beard care kit?

  • Beard Wash/Shampoo
  • A Beard Oil/Balm
  • Beard Brush/Comb

I would consider those to be the minimum for taking care of your beard. But, if you decide to go for a kit, make sure you choose one that’s right for you.

Some beard kits have everything you could think of and others have fewer and more premium products.

Every item on this page is useful but, not every man will need each of these beard care products.


Beard care products for men - RogaineRogaineBuy Rogaine Now

What is Rogaine? It’s a medicine that stimulates hair growth. More importantly, it does the same for beards.

Who should use Rogaine? Rogaine is great for anyone with a beard that just won’t grow in. You’ve given it plenty of time, you’re eating healthy, avoiding lots of stress. It still won’t grow? Rogaine is worth a shot.

Benefits of Rogaine:

  • Grow a beard!

Rogaine is a great tool to develop your beard growth if you’re having trouble. One thing to note about Rogaine is it requires consistent daily use to grow your beard. If you stop before the hairs have fully developed, it won’t work.

Beard Vitamins

Beard care products for men - Beard VitaminsBeard VitaminsBuy Beard Vitamins Now

What are beard vitamins? A vitamin developed specifically to give you the nutrients that help beard growth.

There is no guarantee that beard vitamins work but, many men swear by using them to speed up their beard growth. This product includes key vitamins your body uses to grow your facial hair. Including one of the most popular vitamins, biotin.

I’d only recommend going for beard vitamins if you aren’t getting the vitamins your body needs to develop your beard.