Beard Acne Treatment – Take Care Of Beard Pimples

Simple Beard Acne Treatment

Want to get rid of pimples underneath your beard? This is the right stop. Read about the best ideas on beard acne treatment below.

The beard acne treatment to cure pimples under your facial hair.

Clean properly

The key to treating acne is healthy skin. How do we get that? Keep your face clean and hydrated.


To exfoliate the skin is to get rid of any dirt, grime, or dead skin cells. And since we have beards, that goes for the beard too. The two main ways to keep your skin clean are brushing the beard and washing your beard/face.


Brushing the beard with a beard brush is the second most helpful way to clean extra debris from your beard. Beard shampoo being the first.

A boar bristle brush is awesome at trapping oil in its bristles and redistributing it throughout the beard. So removing debris and evenly spreading oil from your face are the main goals with your beard brush.

What about a beard comb? Learn the differences between brush and comb here.

Beard shampoo

There are a few different options when it comes to a beard shampoo. One is a bar of beard wash. The second is an actual shampoo.

Both of these options work out better for your beard than regular shampoos. The reason? They use milder ingredients. Some with completely natural ingredients. These types of shampoos reduce the amount of dryness your beard will receive from washing.

Hydrate with conditioner

We’ve talked about keeping your skin healthy through washing. But, let’s talk about how to keep it healthy and moisturized.

This is the best way to condition a beard.

Dry skin is bad for acne. It causes your skin to become less efficient at getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt. This clogs pores which are the main cause of acne. So it’s time to moisturize.

Conditioners, oils, and balms are the key to a well-moisturized beard. Conditioners are what you’d expect. Similar to a normal conditioner, beard conditioner will make sure your beard and skin underneath are replenished with oil after washing. So you’ll wash your beard once or twice a week and use your beard conditioner afterward. Washing less often helps reduce dryness.

Oils are similar to conditioners but, you leave them in your beard. And balms have their own hydrating properties but, the main draw to them is beard control. They assist in styling your beard like a pomade.

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